Our yoga teacher trainings are asana-grounded, bhakti-channelled and divinely spiritual. We open our hearts to seva (service), karuṇā (compassion) and ananda (bliss) while teaching the foundations of a yogic lifestyle. As a Yoga Alliance registered school, we offer top-quality education mixed in with liberating play, adventure and connection.


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2017 Trainings

Our love revolutionizes the way we live, teach and breathe yoga.
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Prince George 100-hour Kids YTT Weekend Workshops
January 7 — February 5
Prince George, BC

Prince George 200-hour YTT Weekend Workshops
April 15 — June 18
Prince George, BC

Coquitlam 200-hour YTT Weekend Workshops + Retreat
Sept 1 — Oct 15
Coquitlam, BC



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Our intentions are simple: to offer love, acceptance and joy to all beings we meet on the path.
Our educational experiences are guided by these key principles:

The only way to become a true teacher is to live the practice. Our training spaces are intense places of deep self-reflection, emotional catharsis and personal transformation. Our primary focus is on doing the inner work necessary to clear our own blockages, so that we can show up as clear, vibrant, powerful, kind and inspired human beings in the world.

Our teachings are highly personalized co-creations that rise to serve each individual student and group container. Small class sizes are guaranteed, with a maximum of fifteen students accepted into each training program.

No two trainings or classes are ever (anything near) the same. Because we live and teach from a space of intentional listening, co-creation and flow, the lessons offered are a direct reflection of the present moment experience. There is no set-in-stone curriculum or rigid schedule. Everything is transient, ever-evolving, inspired by the Here and Now.

As devoted yogis, we know that the path is a lifelong journey. This is why we offer a ongoing educational experience where ALL graduates are gifted with scholarships to continue their studies. Once you have attended a 200-hour Sufey Yoga teacher training, you are welcomed back to any other 200-hour training we offer in the world at $500 tuition per training. Many graduates return annually to deepen their knowledge — and yes, all continuing study hours count towards a 500-hour Yoga Alliance certification too!

After graduates have established their own commitment to the path, many return to assist or manage future trainings, where they can re-immerse in the beauty of the container while learning the practical skills to host and teach at retreats and high-level intensives. This is a fun way to travel the world while gathering priceless experiences, opportunities and lifelong friendships.

Once you’re in the tribe, you’re in — we are devoted to the success of our students, and our doors and hearts are always open post-graduation. Many students connect with Sufey on a weekly or monthly basis for mentorship and advice, while others fly solo with our blessings in their hearts. Stitch said it best: Ohana means family, and family means nobody gets left behind!

It takes a village to raise a yoga teacher… we respect that! We honour every single community that we enter by providing accessible community classes, ceremonies and free gatherings to celebrate our local friends. Every graduate is also guided to offer a series of free classes in their hometown as part of their certification. We are big supporters of local benefits, charities and humanitarian causes, donating our time and hearts in service of the highest good.

We’re here to have a really, really good time. We love each other. We dance a lot. We sing songs. We work with devotion and discipline so that we can laugh, enjoy ourselves, and live the good life, baby!


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“Oh Sufey, how do I even begin to encapsulate my love and gratitude for this beaming ray of sunshine? I have to say, the moment I knew I was in love, was when I called her to talk details before my Yoga Teacher Training, and I got her voicemail. Her automated voice had me at Aloha! She called me back immediately and our conversation was filled with bubbly laughter and her genuine interest in what my life was about.

My teacher training began during a crazy, tumultuous time of my life, and I was in need of some serious sisterly love and guidance. Sufey was just that, unwaveringly. When I needed a ear, she was there, never judging me. When I needed some wise words, she was already saying exactly what I needed to hear, either in our satsangs, her classes, or our one on one talks.

Through breaking down, time and time again, in a circle of very recent strangers, I began to know myself, my true self, unblinded by ego and past walls I had built up within myself and in between others. Sufey provided me with such support, and she built me back up, block by block, asana by asana, lesson by lesson, long after our training had ended. I truly feel I am a better person from knowing her and studying with her, and she will be a life long inspiration and sister to me.

My Sufey Yoga teacher training was easily one of the best investments in myself I’ve made to date, and I plan to continue on that path. It felt like a reset button for my life. I cannot wait to spend time with Sufey again, because although we all innately have the knowledge, it can be forgotten so easily, and she never ceases to remind me of my true potential. When I was going through a rough patch recently, she immediately welcomed me to go see her, no questions asked. She’s a special kind of someone, the first and last of her kind, an incredible teacher and friend, and I am blessed to have shared the experience I had with her.”

Alyssa Pittera

I did my yoga teacher training with Sufey this past spring. I’ve practiced yoga for over ten years and have attended other trainings, multitudes of workshops and many varieties of classes. What I experienced with Sufey was life changing and transformational. I learned that we can find magic in the places we most fear. I learned that we have all answers within us if we learn to listen and trust ourselves. I learned that life is an ebb and flow and we are not to be afraid of things that are sometimes painful; that even joy can be found in the darkest of places. I learned that we all fundamentally want to be loved, accepted and safe and yoga is a path to experience all those things, physically, emotionally and spiritually. I learned that each and every one of us had a gift and innate ability to hold space for others and mirror beautiful things back to everyone we meet, if we spend the time allowing ourselves to be seen. Before training with Sufey, I had no idea what magic was out there, waiting for me to allow in. Once I experienced the magic, it became easy for me to share it with others. As a teacher, we cannot give things we do not have. Sufey showed me what I had to offer and it has become my deepest desire and passion to pass it along to each and every person I cross paths with. This is the marking of a true teacher — to mirror, to guide, to accept, to love and to honour the good. Sufey was, and still is, my angel. Her heart and vision is larger than anything I have ever seen or experienced. If you have not had a chance to train with her, do it. It will change your life.

— Katie Marren

I have attended Sufey Yoga and experienced first hand the magic of the teachings. Without a doubt this has changed my mind and my life in a more positively conscious and aware state of being, starting at my muladhara (root chakra) all the way up to my sahasrara (crown chakra). My cosmic being has been awakened, my love has been nurtured, my voice has been encouraged, my ohana (family) has been grown, my belly has been fed only the healthiest of delicious foods, I have learned how to breathe, and I have learned what it is that my feet touch. Being immersed with my ohana in Maui, we have all experienced this growth together, fueling and learning with and from each other, encouraging each other, and creating some unbelievable magic together with Sufey leading teachings in all things Yoga: from Sanskrit to pranayama to anatomy to ayurveda to asana to ohana to love. On top of this, Sufey Yoga organized world class guest speakers on all sorts of enriching topics aligned with yoga and provided the opportunity and challenges for the students to lead their own open-to-community classes, pushing all the students out of their comfort zone into the real world, giving them practical experience and confidence. If you’re serious about yoga as a full mind and body experience, I would highly recommend Sufey Yoga to lead you there. Don’t wait, just go.

Ned Tobin

“I recently completed the 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training with Sufey Yoga in Prince George and my life has been shifted on its axis. The experience with Sufey was not so much learning about technique, although we did an abundance of that, as much as it was a process of shedding layers of ourselves, becoming bare, only to allow life and love to flow all around. Through this whole, intense journey, there was the pure, divine light that is Sufey, offering wisdom, showing a loving path, asking the questions that have no answers. “Is this from a place of love? How can I be more present, more loving, my best self?”

Not only am I prepared to teach yoga, I am ready to live more fully, love more completely, be freer. Because of the space that Sufey has created, physically and spiritually, my life, and the lives of the other teacher trainees, have been forever altered. Thank you Sufey. Those words do not begin to cover my depth of feelings. I am humbled by your beauty.”

Cynthia Andal

“My experience undertaking the YTT program with Sufey was nothing short of transformational.  Her passion, joy and authenticity are evident in each activity, practice and discussion that is had.  Coming in to the training I was afraid I didn’t have what it would take to become a yoga teacher, that the path may be too daunting, or perhaps that I wasn’t ‘yoga material’.  Now, on the other side of that chasm, I realize that with Sufey as my guide, success was an inevitability – inevitable because Sufey’s strength lies in seeing the teacher in each of member in our tribe and giving just the right blend of nurturing and boundary-challenging that builds a capable, confident, practice.  Above all, Sufey is clearly on her own journey (as we all are), and it is a pleasure to both be taught and teach in an environment saturated in love, acceptance, awe, wonder, strength and self-exploration – in a word, yoga.”

— Jesse Haber

“Sufey exposed me to an abundance of concepts and experiences, intellectual, physical and spiritual, during the program. I had really only considered the physical aspect of yoga when I began, but through Sufey’s full and robust curriculum, I learned much about the history of yoga, Sanskrit, Chakra system, human nature, psychology, anatomy, meditation and chanting. In addition, I expected that I would only learn one style of yoga but due to Sufey’s knowledge and experience, I learned about Kundalini, Vinyasa, Restorative, Yin, Acro and would feel comfortable sequencing a class for a variety of needs, themes and abilities. Sufey utilized all teaching styles to address every student’s learning style so that we were able to get the most out of the program. Finally, I grew not only as a health and wellness professional but I grew as a person. I am more able to share myself with others, identify what I need to recharge my batteries and am able to calm the chatter in my mind. Taking this training has been an investment in myself personally and professionally. I highly recommend Sufey Yoga Teacher Training and any other offerings she may provide. As a professional, you will not be disappointed in the quality of her products and services and the financial value is fantastic. As a human being, Sufey touches souls and teaches with such joy and love. You cannot help but be changed for the better when you spend any amount of time with her. The light and wisdom within her is life expanding and I am so honoured to be her student and friend. My life has become richer and brighter with her in it.”

Zandra Ross

“My yoga teacher training experience with Sufey was both incredible and enlightening. Learning from Sufey was easy and entertaining! Sufey brought everyones inner child out and helped us get in touch with something we had forgotten about long ago. She made it very clear that love is the only thing that is real in this world. Sufey always reminded us to just be our true selves when we teach.”                    

— Shauna Lovell 

“There is a reason people gravitate towards Sufey and you only have to meet her to understand it. Sufey brings a joyful welcoming and loving energy to every person she meets.

To attend teacher training with Sufey was to feel at home. Sufey creates a place of non judgment and unconditional love for you to grow, fail and succeed safely in. Sufey is a truly amazing person to know and I am very thankful to have had to opportunity to learn from her. If you are debating on taking classes with her just do it. You will not regret it. My experiences with her in workshops, classes and teacher training have been utterly life changing. I will always been thankful for what she has helped me bring into my own life.”

— Kristin Elizabeth



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