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Strong, diligent, and full of laughter, Vince and I first connected over our mutual love of movement. He taught me how to skateboard through Stanley Park (still my one and only time on the board, lol!) and we swung on bars under the sun. I remember being impressed at his dedication to his new construction business (especially the attention and care he put into his projects) – and we, both entrepreneurs, chatted all about business and life.

I made this mala to enhance a life of prosperity, clear action, and sustainable growth. As soon as I saw these raw tiger’s eye pieces, I knew I hit the jackpot. I found the pyrite centrepiece at a beloved yoga and wellness boutique of mine, and learned how to wire-wrap it that day. The making of this mala grew me in many ways – my first male-centered mala, an experiment in wire-wrapping, a re-affirmation of my investment into this craft. And it always delights me that, as I work with crystals I’ve chosen for others, I can’t help but be impacted myself.

This is the truth of our world. When we pour our heart into service of others, we can’t help but be filled ourselves. What we give to others comes back into our life, tenfold.

I chanted one of the oldest and most revered mantras while making this mala: the Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra, to Lord Shiva. A mantra that liberates us from the illusion of separation; one that binds us to and nourishes us from the Divine. May all beings receive the abundance that comes from clear-seeing. May we all know the power of the Unlimited One – of us, within us, through us.

Om Tryambakam Yajamahe
Sugandhim Pushtivardhanam
Urvarukamiva Bandhanan
Mrityor Mukshiya Maamritat

c r y s t a l   m e a n i n g s

⬩ a masculine stone of action, vitality and will
⬩ symbolic of the sun: stimulates warmth and self-generated wealth
⬩ a protective talisman to deflect negative energies and physical harm
⬩ enhances assertive leadership skills in the home and workplace

⬩ brings a balance of strength and flexibility
⬩ associated with the energies of expansion and growth
⬩ the most yang of all elements, symbolic of the growing phase

 inspires courage, integrity, and the right use of power
 known as a “warrior’s stone” and the “all-seeing eye”
⬩ carried by Roman soldiers to deflect weapons of war 
⬩ brings abundance and the clarity needed to maintain it


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