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soak in the sweet breeze and the stunning oceanfront sights

We live: in a magnificent luxury villa, blowing kisses to breezy views of ocean below. We eat delicious, locally-prepared, vegetarian meals, honouring our sweet bodies for the hard work they do. We jam out at local beaches as the sun sets or splash into our own private infinity pool… when in Thailand, the fun never ends!

We adventure: from the top of waterfalls to the depths of the ocean, delighting in the gifts of Koh Samui. We explore the wonderful Thai culture, from Buddha shrines to the Goddess of Mercy. We snorkle with sea turtles, dance with snakes, and celebrate the expansive natural beauty of the land.

We love: the adorable locals saying hello (“sawadikaaaa!”), the fresh coconut elixirs, the feeling of sand underneath our bare toes, the swimming beaches, the wee little fishies, the sunny sunny days, the wild parties, the spontaneous gatherings, the love love love.

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An inspired foundation for teaching comes from a disciplined personal practice. As diverse, open-minded and wildly curious yogis, we have studied with great masters from various traditions of Yoga to bring you the best of all worlds. We embrace and explore many styles of Hatha Yoga including Vinyasa, Yin, Kundalini, Restorative and AcroYoga. Throughout our monthlong journey, you will be exposed to many creative, non-conventional sequences to challenge your mind, body and spirit. Don’t be surprised if you burst out laughing or crying!

Sufey Yoga

Asana: Our asana practice will build you up, break you down and push you to your edge. We are hard workers, grand philosophers and great lovers of life— both on and off the mat. We share a colourful variety of styles with you and encourage you to find your own unique path.

Pranayama: From gentle ujjayi to powerful shamanic breathwork, you will be swept up in an electrifying energy current of physical, mental and energetic transformation. We share age-old techniques that are rarely taught in the West, medicinal tools for great healing and release.

Meditation: It is in emptiness that all the answers arise. We learn deep meditation techniques as we develop a daily practice of sitting with ourselves. This tool is one that must be practiced to be understood.

Kirtan & Chanting: Through Bhakti Yoga, the Yoga of devotion, we connect to a space of untouchable joy. Get ready to jam out with Sufey on the ukelele and Allowah on the guitar. We learn sacred songs and chants (and rock spontaneous dance parties)!

Teaching Preparation & Practicum: We believe the best way to master anything is to simply do it. Opportunities to teach begin in our first week together, starting from simple warm up sequences to a teaching a full 60-90 minute class. [/ut_tab] [ut_tab title=”Satsang” id=”t2″]


Satsang comes from the root words sat meaning “truth” and sanga meaning “company”. As we sit together in a community of truth, we hold space for passionate discourse on the meaning of life and Yoga. This is supported through yoga films, insightful readings and interactive lectures where we discuss everything from philosophy to ethics to anatomy to happiness!

Sufey Yoga

The Foundation & Philosophy of Yoga: Where did this practice come from? Who started it? What is it really all about? As we dive into the philosophical side of Yoga, we decode classic yoga texts that may include the Yoga Sutras, the Bhagavad Gita, the Vedas and the Upanishads. We marvel at great myths and examine their relevance to our modern age.

Sanskrit 101: Learning a new language is a challenging, fascinating and rewarding process. As we acquaint ourselves with the sounds of this sacred language, we begin to see a deep and powerful beauty within the meanings of these words.

Anatomy & Physiology: The more we study our physical bodies, the greater our appreciation for the vessel we move in. Through a yoga-related discussion of muscles, bones and body systems, we gain a clear understanding of safe movement, alignment cues and the physiological effect of Yoga in our bodies.

Subtle Anatomy: Beyond the physical body lies a fascinating world of unseen energy. The deeper we move through our practice, the more sensitive we become to the flow of prana or life-force energy. In this section, we study the nadis, chakras, koshas, doshas and meridian lines as part of an introduction into Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Teaching Methodology: From clear vocal cues to the secret behind sequencing, we provide you with simple tools to cook up a yummy yoga flow. We guide you to develop clear communication, a powerful voice, and a strong sense of intuition. As you master the basics, we encourage you to pick and choose from a buffet of knowledge to share what rings true in your heart.

Asana Breakdown: As we breakdown poses one-by-one, you gain a clear understanding of the alignment, benefits, anatomy, cues, assists, contraindications, energies and modifications of each pose.

Yoga Ethics and Current Events: From discussion on classic Yoga texts to modern day Q&As, we learn how to live harmoniously with the Yamas and Niyamas in our current society. We hold non-judgmental space for open discussion and intelligent debate on controversial topics in the yoga world.

Dharma Talks: From the teachings of the Buddha to the poetry of Rumi, we discuss the meaning of life in an open-ended, non-dogmatic way. As we nourish our spiritual essence, we wake up to the nature of human existence and the deep love within us.

Special Topics: We value flexibility in our sessions and enjoy adding custom modules based on the requests of each gathering. We also invite guest teachers and students to give talks on their own specialties, passions and life experiences.

Final Quest: All of your newfound knowledge will be quested in a final exam designed to challenge and review the entirety of this course. [/ut_tab] [ut_tab title=”Yoga of Living” id=”t3″]

Yoga of Living

Ultimately, Yoga is a practice of humanity. It is a conscious process of observing our thoughts, of quieting our mind, of loving compassion, of radical forgiveness and simple joy. Yoga extends beyond the mat into our daily lives: into our relationships, the way we treat our families, friends and strangers, into our careers, into our attitudes and choices, into the way we experience every moment of our existence. As we journey through our time together, we find daily opportunities to practice what we preach.

Sufey Yoga

Self-Study: The Yoga never ends on the mat. Through select readings, homework assignments and self-review, you will have the opportunity to make the most of your training. The more you dedicate yourself to your studies, the more you will learn from this experience.

Journaling: During our time together, we recommend you keep a personal journal to spark a conversation between yourself. This is not to read or share (unless you wish to), merely a personal tool for growth. We will have certain times each week set aside for free-writing and reflection.

Noble Silence: In the wee moments of dawn, we keep a noble silence as we transition into our first meditation. There will be select meals and sessions where we remain silent, attentive and meditative as we heighten our inner awareness.

Adventures: We are explorers at heart and love to trek through the land. Every place we go has its own charm and calling. From skinny-dipping in waterfalls to ziplining through Costa Rican jungles to soaking up the Hawaiian sun, we guarantee a natural high on mama Earth.

Circles: Clear communication and loving attention is a skill of innumerable benefits. We share stories, feelings and experiences as they arise. We practice conscious listening. And we check-in regularly so that you’re always heard, supported and taken care of.

Cooking & Nutrition (in select locations): Preparing food with love is a big part of our personal practice. We take turns making healthy meals with fresh, local and vegetarian ingredients. Nothing tastes quite as good as homemade meals prepared with our own hands!

Seva: Living in a home together brings many opportunities to selflessly serve each other. We all contribute to keeping a clean and tidy environment and tuning into the needs of the group. This shows up in the form of picking veggies from the garden, sweeping the yoga studio, taking attendance for class, or any other basic tasks that ask for a helping hand.

Friendships: As we laugh, cry and grow together, we inevitably become a family: a beautiful entanglement of diverse opinions, personalities and experiences. We practice our Yoga in all the relationships we form. How do we become kind, compassionate people to all that we meet? How do we see the light in all? How do we elevate each other and live harmoniously with all beings? This is the true practice!

Mindfulness: During breaks in our practice, we encourage you to remain mindful, present and true to your intention. Rest and recovery are essential in a day and age of go-go-go. Balance is key to the maintenance of a healthy, happy lifestyle.

Creative Works: As musical, visual and performing artists ourselves, we highly encourage the pursuit of creative passions. We have spontaneous projects that pop up from time to time— from choreographed dances to themed photoshoots to video interviews to the writing of a song. Make art, not war!

Secret Angels: As we tune in to the oneness of the Universe, sensitizing to the connectivity between ourselves and every other living being, ahimsa (non-harming) becomes an integral part of our practice. We take on the role of “secret angels” for one individual in our group and experience the true joy of sharing our infinite love.

Post-Graduation Support: As a Yoga University graduate, you have unlimited post-graduation support from our teachers within a powerful network of inspired yoga teachers. There are also opportunities to join our organizing team and continue to study with us as we travel to teach around the world. [/ut_tab] [ut_tab title=”Schedule” id=”t4″]


A typical day in our lives is a delightful mix of work and play. In Thailand, we live and breathe yoga, on and off the mat. Each day is packed full of asana, teaching practice, satsang and culture. Our schedule ebbs and flows to nourish a healthy experience — there are days where we stay up late singing and dancing, days of introspection and reflection, and days of rest and rejuvenation.

To graduate as a 200-hour Yoga Alliance registered yoga teacher, 100% attendance is required throughout the yoga teacher training. We are here to learn tapas, discipline!
Thailand Yoga Teacher Training

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Sufey Chen

Sufey Chen believes in headstands, daily dance parties and love-fueled communities. An eclectic background of biomedical sciences at the University of Northern British Columbia and theatre/ art studies at New Mexico State University complements her extensive study with master yogis around the world. She started University at 15, travelling for months at a time to lecture and teach across Asia and North America. With 10+ years of teaching experience in movement, music and communication, she is known for her loving, energizing and refreshingly honest presence. In class, she channels an inspired mix of poetry, philosophy, power and play with a deep reverence for her teachers and devotion towards her students.

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Located at the heart of Koh Samui, our oceanfront home is elegant, spacious and perfect for healing. Take a peek at our living quarters below!

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Yoga Teacher Training Tuition:

$5700 USD — full value
$5200 USD — early bird (if paid in full before September 1st, 2016)

Tuition includes a transformational 200-hour healing curriculum, a month of gorgeous shared accommodations, special Balinese ceremonies and excursions, three organic vegan/ vegetarian meals per day, a detoxifying juice cleanse, a complete manual and airport pick-up/ drop-off.

There are only eight (8) seats available in this delightfully intimate training, available until sold out!

Returning Graduate Scholarships: 

There are four (4) scholarships at $2700 USD ($500 USD tuition + $2200 USD living expenses) available for returning graduates pursing their 500-hour Yoga Teacher Training with Sufey Yoga.

Refund Policy: If written notice of withdrawal is received:

Payment plans available upon request.

Yoga Teacher Training


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