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Corporate Workshops

innovative. energizing. light-hearted.

Energize your office space with an endorphin-rich yoga boost in the early morning, at lunchtime or after work. Bond with your co-workers, clear your busy mind, and sweat out any lingering stress in the convenience of your boardroom. It’s a scientific fact that the happiest and healthiest employees are the most productive ones too!


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Yoga For Athletes

powerful. team-building. nourishing.

The best athletes prioritize balance in their training: strength with flexibility, action with rest. Yoga enhances the clarity of mind, endurance and intense focus needed to move through the challenges of any sport. Up your game with a self-care routine to reduce injury and spend more time doing what you love best.


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Goddess Circles

fierce. feminine. divine.

In honour of the sacred feminine, these sweet circles connect us with our fierce softness and gentle strength. Channelling the shakti power of the Divine mother within, these powerful bonding rituals nourish and heal in a safe sacred space. Inspired by worldly deities and custom co-created to suit the intentions of your sisterhood.


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Special Events & Speaking Engagements

inspiring. activating. liberating.

From quirky life stories to impromptu dance parties to thought-provoking lectures, these profound workshops are classic “edu-tainment”. A mix of physical activation, mental motivation and hilarious games, these hands-on Yoga sessions are the ultimate ice-breaker, connecting participants to their own sense of purpose.


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All corporate, team and event packages are custom-priced based on hours, location and special requests.



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