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When I learned about Ren’s shamanic meditation practice, illuminated with visions of the animal kingdom, a powerful, primal mala appeared in my mind. Something fit for a shaman — a warrior of the light. When I held these heavy crystals in my hand, I felt an immediate rush of power. A grounding, righteous power. The kind that all humans need to fully actualize into their most authentic, creative, abundant selves.

I beaded this in silent meditation, feeling into the weight and the depth of each bead. In my mind, I visualized the strength of the beast – the raw, pure and animalistic nature we are all birthed from. As I beaded this, I imagined every living being re-connecting to the power of their roots. Free of guilt, shame, and fear. May all beings be liberated. Awakened. And deeply loved in their most natural form. ♥

c r y s t a l   m e a n i n g s

⬩ a symbol of power and nobility
⬩ activates and enhances masculine virility
⬩ a call to righteous battle — ultimately, the battle within

 an ancient talisman of protection, abundance and righteous power
 a stone of strength in balance — bringing clarity to a world beyond duality
⬩ enhances clarity and creativity in achieving one’s vision
⬩ increases discipline, willpower, and confidence

⬩ a grounding force to re-connect one with their roots
⬩ known as the most powerful ‘magical’ wood for spiritual growth
⬩ historically used in the making of amulets + the handles of samurai swords 


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