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[ut_quote_alt author=”Aneta Douglass”]

Sufey is truly extraordinary. She is driven, fearless, passionate, unique, gentle and magical! Sufey is an expert at what she does. She GIVES so much to the community and we need more people like her in this world! Sufey inspires adults as well as children. My 11 year old daughter loves yoga classes with Sufey. She comes home very happy and cheerful with excitement and bright light in her eyes.


[ut_quote_alt author=”Holly Rae”]

Sufey creates a safe, fun practice that embodies love and inclusivity. She combines asana, breathing, meditation and community through play; I found a new ‘yoga glow’ following her class. This play helped me rediscover something very powerful. Expect laughter, music, fun and a powerful energetic workout!



[ut_quote_alt author=”Liza Patiño”]

Sufey’s classes are lila. They are playful, and amazing, and they feel like a class with Osho’s daughter. She is so inspirational, her classes got me through things. I just love Sufey. She’s so spontaneous and pure and blissful. I love her dances, and how she gets us into child’s pose, talking so simply but at the same time taking it so deep.

If you need to be uplifted and feel joyful, just go take Sufey’s class. She will make you laugh, and dance, and breathe.



[ut_quote_alt author=”Delphine Lefebvre”]
Sufey’s classes are magic! Sufey is magic. Magic. Full of light, full of truth. She helped my heart to shine again. Sufey helped me to recover from my injury because her laughter is contagious. Thank you very much Sufey. For real, thank you.


[ut_quote_alt author=”Hanna Leigh”]

Sufey’s class was a divine experience. That’s the only way I can describe it— I felt like it took me really deep into my own inner joy, which is such a gift. I felt so connected to the present moment— we’re feeling the wind, hearing the waves, listening to the birds. Listening to her talk was a freeing experience. I felt really free in her class. There were no expectations of me, I didn’t need to do anything, I could express myself in whatever way I needed to.

To create that space as a teacher is healing for the planet.

I’m not just going to say “I love myself”. I’m going to feel it.
What’s it like to feel like you love yourself? Pretty darn good.

I thank Sufey for her gift of pure shining light with no reservations.
She’s totally courageous in her teaching style. She’s a courageous person.


[ut_quote_alt author=”Meredith Tuttle”]

Sufey’s teaching style is dynamic and introspective. During her guided meditations, I found that her words and her focus points transported me to an area where I could really contemplate myself and my mind. The movement oriented portions of her class helped me to process the things that would come up during the sitting. The elements that Sufey brings to a yoga class are very valuable to our growth as people.


[ut_quote_alt author=”Tajna Zaninovic”]

Sufey’s classes are so beautiful and so inspiring. Her whole approach is totally free and totally open. She brings so much joy and lets you be your own teacher, really go with your own flow, and bring so much of your own self love. She really nurtures that in her class, and I would take her class every single day if I could! I’ll always hold this sweet girl with me. I’m recommending Sufey’s class to all people because it is totally liberating and at the same time totally nourishing.



[ut_quote_alt author=”Dan Rogers”]

We are celebrating success. It is a pleasure for me to talk to you about Sufey Chen. She is an extremely talented young individual who has served the community well. Upon meeting Sufey you are instantly impressed.



[ut_quote_alt author=”Frank Peebles”]

Sufey radiates the ideals of a “rising star” northern woman. She is a universal role model – the kind that inspires me to be a better liver of life, and someone I can point my children towards as well. Sufey Chen is the master of working hard towards a goal, accomplishing it, then surpassing it for extra measure. She does it with a kind heart, sharp wit, bubbly sense of humour, and an awe-inspiring ability to keep up a pace that would exhaust most other people.

Her goodwill is not shallow, her intelligence is not confined to the books she reads, her passion is not unsustainable or cloaked in other people’s heavy lifting, she really is that person who lights up the room with her personality and wins your admiration with an astonishing resume.

Everything Sufey Chen touches seems to involve her being the vessel for other people having a good time, and learning new things, being inspired. What impact could be better for one person to have?


[ut_quote_alt author=”Mykola Novak”]

Sufey is an amazing yoga teacher. She makes my body feel way better: she connects me to the brain, to the heart. She works your body through yoga, but you don’t feel like you’re in class. You just feel like you’re enjoying your life.

Her outdoor classes are awesome. Really playful, entertaining and full of imagination.It is not like a normal, boring yoga class, no, nothing like that. It is totally different: just fun, so funny, it’s like I’m on a playground. It’s silly, but even our warm-ups are like that… jumping around, bumping into each other, doing crazy things, rolling around. Normally you don’t do this in a formal yoga class, that’s what makes her different from others. Sufey’s class is playful, natural, valuable, personal and transformational.

When you’re in a rush, and your day is all hustle and bustle, you need to make some time to talk with yourself. When you spend a few hours a week doing yoga, you have a conversation with yourself, which is way more important than anything else.

Sufey can unite people. She has a great desire to change people’s lives for the better, that’s why I choose Sufey.



[ut_quote_alt author=”Ali Gardella”]

Sufey is incredible. I’ve never taken a class like hers ever; it was so freeing and beautiful. She’s amazing. She’s a natural. Anybody who takes her class will come out renewed! She just has such a special touch, unique from anyone else. I recommend her class to everybody. You will never ever have a class like that again!




Sufey Yoga


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