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“You’ve got to check out Palo Santo.” said all the yogis I met, as soon as I came to Philly.
“They’re a bhakti studio. Your kind of people. You would absolutely love it there.” 

I was first introduced to Rachel and Daniel (the most radiantly beautiful couple) by means of a mutual friend on Instagram. Daniel was the first studio owner I had tea with in Philly, and I instantly dug his vibe. We talked about yoga, our beloveds, our teachers, our journeys, and all the things we were creating in our lives. He spoke so dearly of his sweetheart, Rachel, that I knew I had to meet her soon. They are a shakti couple — a power couple — to the fullest. He runs a truly vibrant yoga studio (with the most amazingly creative bhakti offerings), and she the stunning apothecary next door. As soon as I walk into those doors, I feel their loving energy pulsing through me.

This is why I was extra happy to design this mini line of malas for Palo Santo Wellness Apothecary (to be sold in their gorgeous space at 1707 East Passyunk Ave). The raw kyanite crystals are from their shop (so many of my crystals are from their shop!), and they informed the design of these precious pieces.

Made of kyanite, moonstone, lapis lazuli, sunstone, and labradorite, each mala carries it’s own unique power. I chanted numerous spontaneous mantras while creating these pieces – prayers to the teacher, the child, the lover, the healer, the earth, the moon, the mother. May we see our Divine Self in the faces of All.

⬩ made of kyanite + moonstone + lapis lazuli
⬩ inspires faith, hope and resonant communication
⬩  enhances intuition, clarity of speech, truth and wisdom
⬩ brings gentleness and composure in leadership roles

⬩ made of kyanite + moonstone + sunstone
⬩ attracts a balance of tranquility and vitality
⬩ invites a sunny disposition and childlike optimism

⬩  pairs mama moon’s intuition with father sun’s warmth

⬩ made of kyanite + labradorite + moonstone
⬩ softens the transition in moving between worlds
⬩ open to psychic powers, clairvoyance, synchronicities
⬩ returns one to self-love and radical self-expression

To purchase any of the Palo Santo Line, please visit Palo Santo Wellness Apothecary at 1707 East Passyunk Ave.
To see more malas, connect with me on Facebook and Instagram (@sufeyart).
Made-to-order malas and new pieces are also available on Etsy!




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