Aloha, sweet soul.

I am so happy you’ve come to visit — it is a gift to be in your presence.
I’ve included little pieces of my life and story below.
May we rise together in love and liberation.


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What Students Say

“Where do I even begin to describe Sufey? I have never met anyone like her. From the first moment I connected with her on email, I could feel her endearing, unconditional love beaming towards me from the other side of the world. I knew I had to meet this fascinating woman. I could feel in my heart that she would be a special piece of my life. Little did I know what the universe had planned for me! I flew from Ireland to Canada to take her training and the love just grew from there. She held so much space and love for me, for each and everyone. She does not hold judgement, or negativity in her life. There is no room for such aspects in her soul. Sufey Chen is a beaming light of all the incredible aspects of life you can think of, combined into one, tiny being with the biggest heart I have ever seen. She truly is a fierce, empowering, beautiful gift in this world. I am honored to know Sufey and I am indefinitely connected to her. No matter where in the world, she will always be my teacher, mentor, friend, soul sister and family. She is implanted deep into my soul and I am a better person for knowing her. Thank you Sufey for being in my life. Thank you universe for bringing us together.”

— Lori McKay

“Sufey is truly extraordinary. She is driven, fearless, passionate, unique, gentle and magical! Sufey is an expert at what she does. She GIVES so much to the community and we need more people like her in this world! Sufey inspires adults as well as children. My 11 year old daughter loves yoga classes with Sufey. She comes home very happy and cheerful with excitement and bright light in her eyes.”

— Aneta Douglass

“I recently completed the 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training with Sufey Yoga in Prince George and my life has been shifted on its axis. The experience with Sufey was not so much learning about technique, although we did an abundance of that, as much as it was a process of shedding layers of ourselves, becoming bare, only to allow life and love to flow all around. Through this whole, intense journey, there was the pure, divine light that is Sufey, offering wisdom, showing a loving path, asking the questions that have no answers.  “Is this from a place of love?  How can I be more present, more loving, my best self?”

Not only am I prepared to teach yoga, I am ready to live more fully, love more completely, be freer. Because of the space that Sufey has created, physically and spiritually, my life, and the lives of the other teacher trainees, have been forever altered. Thank you Sufey. Those words do not begin to cover my depth of feelings. I am humbled by your beauty.”

Cynthia Andal

“Oh Sufey, how do I even begin to encapsulate my love and gratitude for this beaming ray of sunshine? I have to say, the moment I knew I was in love, was when I called her to talk details before my Yoga Teacher Training, and I got her voicemail.  Her automated voice had me at Aloha! She called me back immediately and our conversation was filled with bubbly laughter and her genuine interest in what my life was about. 

My teacher training began during a crazy, tumultuous time of my life, and I was in need of some serious sisterly love and guidance.  Sufey was just that, unwaveringly.  When I needed a ear, she was there, never judging me.  When I needed some wise words, she was already saying exactly what I needed to hear, either in our satsangs, her classes, or our one on one talks. 

Through breaking down, time and time again, in a circle of very recent strangers, I began to know myself, my true self, unblinded by ego and past walls I had built up within myself and in between others. Sufey provided me with such support, and she built me back up, block by block, asana by asana, lesson by lesson, long after our training had ended.  I truly feel I am a better person from knowing her and studying with her, and she will be a life long inspiration and sister to me. 

My Sufey Yoga teacher training was easily one of the best investments in myself I’ve made to date, and I plan to continue on that path.  It felt like a reset button for my life. I cannot wait to spend time with Sufey again, because although we all innately have the knowledge, it can be forgotten so easily, and she never ceases to remind me of my true potential. When I was going through a rough patch recently, she immediately welcomed me to go see her, no questions asked. She’s a special kind of someone, the first and last of her kind, an incredible teacher and friend, and I am blessed to have shared the experience I had with her.”

— Alyssa Pittera

“Sufey, oh… Sufey. The warmth and love that you feel instantly from Sufey embraces you physically, mentally and emotionally. I had been practicing yoga for a while and was looking for a little more out of my practice as I was not feeling satisfied but never fathomed taking a teacher training course. Then one day Sufey added me as a friend on Facebook out of nowhere. I did not know her at all, only recently seen some posts on her upcoming workshop. I felt drawn to this new little workshop being held out of her home so I decided to register. Walking into her home she greeted me like an old friend with a huge hug and smothered me with a smudging. Me being on the introvert quiet side, hugged her back, coughed a little in the smoke and went and found a place to lay my mat. As people slowly made their way in the house, she greeted everyone the same way. The house was bare, with absolutely no furniture, just hardwood floors and dimly lit with candles and a fire. The class was like nothing I have experience before: hot, sweaty, jumping, chanting, arm flapping, kundalini, singing, holding downward dog for like 10 minutes, crazy breath work, arm balances, shit that never comes to a regular class, OMing and more OMing. Then after almost two hours she ended with the most body melting well deserved 20 minute shavasana that came with a warming temple massage.

I drank her elixir and was sold on anything she had to offer. No class of hers was ever the same. Each class seemed to have some sort of theme but you can tell she has no real plan but feels everyone out and will push you beyond your limits knowing you are capable of more. I knew instantly, after her first class, that I had to sign up for her teacher training. I did and I have forever changed. She does not just teach sequences and flows, she shows her students the essence of yoga; love, music, devotion, Self… One. I have a different outlook on life as a whole which I don’t believe I would have found on my own.

Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu”

— Meaghan Wyatt

Sufey has an amazing ability to see – to Truly See, the perfection of each and every Being. In seeing past others masks, she is able to fully support, inspire and nourish souls, sparking radical transformation in all who cross her path. Her realness, courage and authenticity in her own journey is a true testament of her dedication to living life from a place of Love, where she really does practice what she teaches. Sufey is a loving being of light who brings and shares her joy wherever she goes.”

— Lauren Featherstone

I will never forget meeting Sufey for the first time. She came to the elementary school that I teach at to introduce our staff to yoga. Her energy was truly beautiful! She had this way about her that demonstrated wisdom and childlike play at the same time. She moved so gracefully and even though the rest of us moved in awkward and inflexible ways she helped us to learn to move in ways that enabled us to sink deeper into our bodies and to enjoy the process fully.

I wanted more of what Sufey had to offer. So, I signed up for her classes that she offered out of her home yoga studio. Now THAT was the most exceptionally heart, body and soul warming experience I’ve ever had. The partner yoga was wonderful to playfully experience how we can help each other be beautiful, more flexible and enjoy yoga on an entirely new level. The music added another dimension to an already enriching experience of yoga. The laughter and joy was what I needed going through a very difficult life transition. I’ve taken other yoga classes where I’ve never gotten to know anyone. In Sufey’s classes you feel like family after just a few sessions! Sufey has a gift and I absolutely know that I will be seeking opportunities to learn more from Sufey!

My colleagues at work noticed a change in me at work after attending Sufey’s six week session. They noticed that I seemed more confident and that I carried myself differently. They were curious about what I was doing differently… Yoga with Sufey!

Anyone who has the blessing of crossing paths with Sufey is very fortunate. I am thankful for the blessings Sufey has brought to my life. I look forward to more!”

— Claire Samycia

“Sufey’s class was a divine experience. That’s the only way I can describe it— I felt like it took me really deep into my own inner joy, which is such a gift. I felt so connected to the present moment— we’re feeling the wind, hearing the waves, listening to the birds. Listening to her talk was a freeing experience. I felt really free in her class. There were no expectations of me, I didn’t need to do anything, I could express myself in whatever way I needed to.

To create that space as a teacher is healing for the planet.

I’m not just going to say “I love myself”. I’m going to feel it.
What’s it like to feel like you love yourself? Pretty darn good.

I thank Sufey for her gift of pure shining light with no reservations.
She’s totally courageous in her teaching style. She’s a courageous person.”

Hanna Leigh

“Sufey is playful, present and always encourages you to choose love. Sufey’s classes are full of knowledge, motivation and joy. Sufey is able to make every practice incredibly fun while positively pushing you and helping you learn a pose you thought you could never do or letting you do whatever it is that is right for you in that moment. Her series have brought me huge amounts of personal growth, confidence, a sense of accomplishment, peace  and awareness. Sufey really does loves each of her students, I couldn’t ask for anything more in a yoga teacher and am so happy to have been able to meet Sufey and practice with her. I would recommend her time and time again, thank you thank you thank you Sufey!”

— Brooklyn Seemann

“There is a reason people gravitate towards Sufey and you only have to meet her to understand it. Sufey brings a joyful welcoming and loving energy to every person she meets.

To attend teacher training with Sufey was to feel at home. Sufey creates a place of non judgment and unconditional love for you to grow, fail and succeed safely in. Sufey is a truly amazing person to know and I am very thankful to have had to opportunity to learn from her. If you are debating on taking classes with her just do it. You will not regret it. My experiences with her in workshops, classes and teacher training have been utterly life changing. I will always been thankful for what she has helped me bring into my own life.”

— Kristin Elizabeth

“I am a personal trainer, group fitness instructor and social development consultant but am always looking to add a new certificate to my credentials. I had only taken about 10 yoga classes when I saw Sufey’s post on Facebook for a 200 hour teacher training course. We sent a few emails back and forth as I was apprehensive about taking the training, as I was not sure if yoga was for me or if it was even necessary to become a teacher. I decided that I would commit mentally, physically and financially to the training and the results have been astonishing and beyond my expectations.

Sufey exposed me to an abundance of concepts and experiences, intellectual, physical and spiritual, during the program. I had really only considered the physical aspect of yoga when I began but through Sufey’s full and robust curriculum, I learned much about the history of yoga, Sanskrit, Chakra system, human nature, psychology, anatomy, meditation and chanting.

In addition, I expected that I would only learn one style of yoga but due to Sufey’s knowledge and experience, I learned about Kundalini, Vinyasa, Restorative, Yin, Acro and would feel comfortable sequencing a class for a variety of needs, themes and abilities. Sufey utilized all teaching styles to address every student’s learning style so that we were able to get the most out of the program.

Finally, I grew not only as a health and wellness professional but I grew as a person. I am more able to share myself with others, identify what I need to recharge my batteries and am able to calm the chatter in my mind. Taking this training has been an investment in myself personally and professionally.

I highly recommend Sufey Chen’s Yoga Teacher Training and any other offerings she may provide. As a professional, you will not be disappointed in the quality of her products and services and the financial value is fantastic. As a human being, Sufey touches souls and teaches with such joy and love. You cannot help but be changed for the better when you spend any amount of time with her. The light and wisdom within her is life expanding and I am so honored to be her student and friend. My life has become richer and brighter with her in it.”

— Zandra Ross

“Sufey is a genius of the spirit. Her radiance as a yoga teacher and community builder is compelling and unequivical. Through an infinitely contagious laugh, Sufey is luring us all into the lifestyle of Love and sharing that she is so passionately spreading into the world with a resonant “Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu.”

Joshua Bear

“Sufey has given me many opportunities to apply myself and love myself for what I can do. From working with her in a stage production to being her student in private yoga lessons, she has pushed me beyond what I thought I was capable of. I am very grateful to have been subject to her loving strength, as it has given me confidence in myself to continue to go beyond my comfort zones. My ability to push myself and have the confidence to see things through are both qualities Sufey has helped to cultivate in me, and as a result I have been able to really grow the love that I have for myself. Thanks Sufey!”

— Camille Ginnever

“My experience undertaking the YTT program with Sufey was nothing short of transformational.  Her passion, joy and authenticity are evident in each activity, practice and discussion that is had.  Coming in to the training I was afraid I didn’t have what it would take to become a yoga teacher, that the path may be too daunting, or perhaps that I wasn’t ‘yoga material’.  Now, on the other side of that chasm, I realize that with Sufey as my guide, success was an inevitability – inevitable because Sufey’s strength lies in seeing the teacher in each of member in our tribe and giving just the right blend of nurturing and boundary-challenging that builds a capable, confident, practice.  Above all, Sufey is clearly on her own journey (as we all are), and it is a pleasure to both be taught and teach in an environment saturated in love, acceptance, awe, wonder, strength and self-exploration – in a word, yoga.”

— Jesse Haber

“My yoga teacher training experience with Sufey was both incredible and enlightening. Learning from Sufey was easy and entertaining! Sufey brought everyones inner child out and helped us get in touch with something we had forgotten about long ago. She made it very clear that love is the only thing that is real in this world. Sufey always reminded us to just be our true selves when we teach.”                    

— Shauna Lovell 

“Sufey’s classes foster acceptance, room to explore and grow. Her classes are always unique and well thought out. They will challenge you physically and mentally. They will break down walls you never knew you had. On a personal level, she provides guidance, support and unconditional love for every one of her students. Sufey is sparkly and loveable, and it’s impossible not to feel completely at ease around her.

Before taking one of Sufey’s classes, prepare to laugh, cry, dance ecstatically and to be loved by a community. Be prepared to let go and let her in. She will give you the tools to dig deep into your practice and into your own self exploration. Sufey will challenge you to explore the physical, and nurture you into the spiritual. She offers a safe place free from judgment to work, flow, grow, and to just be.”

— Laura Bass

“The time I have spent with Sufey has felt timeless. Whether through her movement practices, sharing in rich conversation or playing on the beaches of Hawaii, I feel heard and inspired by her and the bright, bubbly and deep presence she holds. I will always treasure her as a friend, a teacher and a guide. She has so much to offer this world and all would be blessed to receive the teachings of yoga AND BEYOND from this divine soul!”

— Ashtar Kukuk

“Sufey donated her time for a fundraiser in my hometown of Prince George to help out with the families impacted by the Fort McMurray fires. She opened my heart to the love of yoga. Since then, she has inspired me to keep up my yoga practice even though I never felt I was yoga material in the past. I really hope she offers teacher training again in the future, as I would love to mentor under her guidance. She is a beautiful soul who touches each person she connects with in a magical way.”

Sherry Gunn  

“Sufey creates a safe, fun practice that embodies love and inclusivity. She combines asana, breathing, meditation and community through play; I found a new ‘yoga glow’ following her class. This play helped me rediscover something very powerful. Expect laughter, music, fun and a powerful energetic workout!”

— Holly Rae

“Sufey’s classes are lila. They are playful, and amazing, and they feel like a class with Osho’s daughter. She is so inspirational, her classes got me through things. I just love Sufey. She’s so spontaneous and pure and blissful. I love her dances, and how she gets us into child’s pose, talking so simply but at the same time taking it so deep.

If you need to be uplifted and feel joyful, just go take Sufey’s class. She will make you laugh, and dance, and breathe.”

 Liza Patiño

“Sufey’s classes are magic! Sufey is magic. Magic. Full of light, full of truth. She helped my heart to shine again. Sufey helped me to recover from my injury because her laughter is contagious. Thank you very much Sufey. For real, thank you.”

 Delphine Lefebvre

“Sufey’s teaching style is dynamic and introspective. During her guided meditations, I found that her words and her focus points transported me to an area where I could really contemplate myself and my mind. The movement oriented portions of her class helped me to process the things that would come up during the sitting. The elements that Sufey brings to a yoga class are very valuable to our growth as people.”

— Meredith Tuttle

Sufey’s classes are so beautiful and so inspiring. Her whole approach is totally free and totally open. She brings so much joy and lets you be your own teacher, really go with your own flow, and bring so much of your own self love. She really nurtures that in her class, and I would take her class every single day if I could! I’ll always hold this sweet girl with me. I’m recommending Sufey’s class to all people because it is totally liberating and at the same time totally nourishing.

— Tajna Zaninovic

“Sufey radiates the ideals of a “rising star” northern woman. She is a universal role model – the kind that inspires me to be a better liver of life, and someone I can point my children towards as well. Sufey Chen is the master of working hard towards a goal, accomplishing it, then surpassing it for extra measure. She does it with a kind heart, sharp wit, bubbly sense of humour, and an awe-inspiring ability to keep up a pace that would exhaust most other people.

Her goodwill is not shallow, her intelligence is not confined to the books she reads, her passion is not unsustainable or cloaked in other people’s heavy lifting, she really is that person who lights up the room with her personality and wins your admiration with an astonishing resume.

Everything Sufey Chen touches seems to involve her being the vessel for other people having a good time, and learning new things, being inspired. What impact could be better for one person to have?”

— Frank Peebles

“Sufey is an amazing yoga teacher. She makes my body feel way better: she connects me to the brain, to the heart. She works your body through yoga, but you don’t feel like you’re in class. You just feel like you’re enjoying your life.

Her outdoor classes are awesome. Really playful, entertaining and full of imagination.It is not like a normal, boring yoga class, no, nothing like that. It is totally different: just fun, so funny, it’s like I’m on a playground. It’s silly, but even our warm-ups are like that… jumping around, bumping into each other, doing crazy things, rolling around. Normally you don’t do this in a formal yoga class, that’s what makes her different from others. Sufey’s class is playful, natural, valuable, personal and transformational.

When you’re in a rush, and your day is all hustle and bustle, you need to make some time to talk with yourself. When you spend a few hours a week doing yoga, you have a conversation with yourself, which is way more important than anything else.

Sufey can unite people. She has a great desire to change people’s lives for the better, that’s why I choose Sufey.”

— Mykola Novak


“Sufey Chen is, quite simply, amazing. Sufey has wisdom beyond her years and is here to help many in her lifetime. It has really been Sufey’s great skill and overall brilliance as a teacher and communicator that has made her presence known in the yoga world and beyond. I would say that in a very short space of time, Sufey has learned more about yoga, both in depth and breadth, than many in the yoga world today. Most of all, beyond all of Sufey’s skills, is her genuine desire to truly be of service, and to do so in a way that really touches the hearts and minds of all those with whom she comes in contact. She has certainly done that for me!”

— Alan Lowenschuss

“Sufey is incredible. I’ve never taken a class like hers ever; it was so freeing and beautiful. She’s amazing. She’s a natural. Anybody who takes her class will come out renewed! She just has such a special touch, unique from anyone else. I recommend her class to everybody. You will never ever have a class like that again!”

 Ali Gardella

Sufey Chen



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Professional Bio

Internationally celebrated for her warm presence, soulful teachings, and quirky sense of play, Sufey Chen (nicknamed “Baby Buddha” by her students) is an alchemist of breath, song, and creative essence. From guiding 200/500-hour teacher training immersions to rockin’ out center stage with her kirtan band to trance dancing it up at the top music festivals in the world, Sufey’s offerings are all prayers to Ma Shakti – to the fierce, the wild, and the loving within us all.

A devoted student of the healing arts, Sufey shares only the practices that have profoundly altered her own life. Her formal education includes four intensive years of biomedical health sciences in anatomy, physiology, psychology, lifespan development, genetics and biology at the University of Northern British Columbia, delightful dabblings in art, theatre and dance at New Mexico State University and 3500+ hours of studying, assisting, guesting and leading teacher trainings in vinyasa, kundalini, yin, prenatal, kids yoga, ecstatic dance, acroyoga, thai massage, anatomy, meditation, pranayama and bhakti with yogi pioneers including Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa, Bernie Clark, Danny Paradise, Tina James, Emerson Lim, Rod Stryker, Anodea Judith, Max Strom, Teresa Campbell, Leslie Kaminoff, Kino MacGregor and Gloria Latham, among countless other sweet souls.

With a penchant for radical transformation and spontaneous metamorphosis, experiences with Sufey are always dynamic, always heartfelt, and constantly evolving. After a decade of full-time teaching and touring through Hawaii, Bali, Costa Rica, Canada, China and the USA, Sufey comes with a rich palette of world culture, wisdom from the land, and shamanic tools for healing. Guided by love, intuition and primal instinct, Sufey is a teacher well suited for both devoted practitioners and open-minded beginners — those willing to crack out of their comfort zones to FULLY experience their potential!

An artiste, doula, poetess and priestess, this little mystic will love you, challenge you, and inspire you to grow. She is a birther and re-birther of babies and adults alike, having touched hundreds of thousands of lives throughout the world. Come to dance your heart dance and to sing your soul song: all beings are welcome here. 

Learn more about Sufey (E-RYT 500, RCYT, RPYT) at Connect with her at on Instagram, or by emailing


Sufey Chen


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Education & Experience

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Sufey Chen

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