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I’ve been obsessed with mama moon since I was a child. She was my sanctuary, my prayer-haven, my confidant, my friend. There was a time in my life (not long ago) when I would walk, alone, barefoot, for miles and miles, down windy roads, in the middle of the night, to bathe in the light of the moon. There was something so honest about the way she shone. She was never afraid of speaking her truth.

Look at me, she would say. You are this too. You are this fullness. You are this light. You, my child, were born to shine. 

Whenever I am alone, I know I have the moon. Whenever I doubt myself, I remember how she shines. Taking what is light and reflecting it through the night. She knows herself intimately. Taking days to rest. Other days to rise. She knows she will wax, and she knows she will wane. That everything will change and nothing stays the same. And yet, she carries on, with elegance and grace, moving forward on her path with a strong and steady pace.

Intentionally crafted with Lapis Lazuli, Labradorite + the Sanskrit symbol of Vishuddha, this mala is a potent call to speak the holy truth. To unblock the throat chakra, with expressive and unfiltered speech. To wander, wide-eyed, into infinite creativity. To sing out the names of Love.


I am the truth that is burning to be said. I am the song that is ready to be heard. I am the poetry of this moment, the dance of the Divine, the music of the moon. I am fearless in my expression. Joyful in my creation. I am liberated. Wild. Ecstatic. Free. I am entirely, unabashedly me.

s a c r e d   s y m b o l s

⬩ revered throughout history as a symbol of wisdom and truth
⬩ an intellectual stone that yearns for knowledge and understanding
⬩ brings success in all forms of expression and communication

 a crystal of magic, intuition and divination
⬩ inspires introspection, contemplation, and clarity of thought
⬩ encourages joy and spontaneity, a lightness in one’s heart

VISHUDDHA (the throat chakra)
 vishuddha, meaning “purification”
⬩ lives at the centre of the throat
⬩ the colour blue, the element sound
⬩ governs creativity, speech, expression

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