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This mala arrived on a day of spontaneous creativity, joy and action. I was perusing the gemstore, feeling a little bit down on myself. I was having a too much pregnant kind-of-day — a mopey, dopey, dismal day — and I felt an energy blockage in my solar plexus. I didn’t feel like moving or doing anything at all. Maybe I’ll just go home and be lazy, I thought to myself.

But as soon as that thought entered my head, these striking pieces caught my eye. I had passed by this primal naga conch pendant (with exquisite notes of turquoise, red and ivory) for several weeks now, but I had never picked it up before. I moved towards it gingerly and held it in my hand. It had the most beautiful OM symbol etched into it, and I felt the most joyous rush of desire. It was the only one of its kind, and I knew it would challenge me to step out-of-the-box.

You only make malas, my superego chirped up.
Don’t get ahead of yourself.
Put that piece down and go back to the tassles. 

But a rebellious note in me chimed back up that day.

No way! I huffed back. I love this piece — and I know it’ll come to life. 

So I sat myself down and gazed at this piece.
Who do you want to be with? I whispered to her.
Rudraksha. She said back to me. Rudraksha. 

I found the Rudraksha. But I knew this piece was different. It needed another pop. And I stumbled upon a strand of these stunning citrine beads. Tiny and delicate, yet so very powerful. I knew they would be perfect wire-wrapped in gold. Yes.

So I sat myself back down and my hands went to work. I was still in the store with others all around, so I chanted silently in my head. To Lakshmi. To Ganesha. To Surya. To myself. As I blessed each bead, I felt more powerful, more determined, more strong. The vitality flowed back into my body. And I felt this outrageous sort of joy, laughing into my belly. I was so excited to be making this, and I remembered, once again, that there are no mistakes in life. That Spirit is the ultimate trickster. And we are made to make, to give, to laugh.

Sufey Chen Art Mala Jewelry


I am mini. But I am mighty. I am the light of a thousand suns. I am driven. Passionate. Powerful. Successful. Nothing can stop me. Everything feeds me. I welcome failure as fuel for growth. I am the product of hard work, vitality, and righteous action. I stand from a place of love.

s a c r e d   s y m b o l s

⬩ known as “Shiva’s eye”, the all-seeing, all-knowing one
⬩ traditionally used as prayer beads for mantra and meditation
⬩ cocoons you in your own energy, helps to focus and discipline
⬩ carries the energy of mantras chanted as sacred protection

 one of the most powerful manifestation crystals
⬩ transmutes and grounds all negative energies
⬩ attracts happiness, prosperity and success
⬩ sparks creativity, productivity and imagination
⬩ well-loved by artists and successful entrepreneurs

 the infinite sound of all creation
⬩ symbolic of many sacred trios:
the beginning, the middle, the end;
the heaven, the earth, the underworld;
the waking, the dreaming, the dreamless
⬩ that which is beyond that which can be said 

⬩ a spiritual number of divine connection and inner wisdom
⬩ related to life purpose, leadership, benevolence, truth 

⬩ made of 1 and 8, a highly auspicious number in the Chinese tradition
(I would know – my mama used to obsess about our house numbers!)
18 is also the “number of life” in the Hebrew tradition, where gifts
are given in increments of eighteen for the blessings of a long life

⬩ symbolic of the sickle moon, the waxing moon
⬩ the new moon informs birthing and new beginnings
⬩ a perfect time to set fresh intentions for the journey ahead 

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