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Created for a beautiful mother of three, this mala was crafted with the intention to encourage harmonious balance, truthful reflection, and inner peace. I called upon the gentle strength of the sea as my muse for this mala: the way she may roar at the surface, while finding calm breaths deep beneath. With the lighthearted beauty of a mermaid and the depth of old ocean, these crystals pair together to honour the sacred feminine: a deep love for oneself, a wholehearted trust of what is, a nourished, nurturing intuition, and a childlike joy.

In each moment of crafting this mala, I invited in an extra breath. I took slow pauses whenever I felt called to, relishing the feeling of each crystal stone in my hand. With each breath, I gave thanks for the sweetness of this gift — for the chi in the air that gives me life, that nourishes my spirit, my soul, my body. May all beings recognize the gentle beauty of the moment. May all beings take ample time to breathe. May all beings know peace in their minds and happiness in their hearts. ♥

c r y s t a l   m e a n i n g s

⬩ a stone of truth and courage, inspiring one to firmly live their intentions
⬩ supports sacred communication, both with oneself and within relationship
⬩ soothes and calms the mind, encouraging emotional balance
⬩ increases self-love and ability to care for oneself

 a stone of feminine intuition, protection and divine love 
⬩ opens the heart to compassion, patience, and nurturing (self and others)
⬩ enhances self-acceptance and self-expression, in the most tender form

⬩ a stone of deep trust, truth, and gentle surrender
⬩ inspires a playful, youthful, and happy attitude
⬩ balances and clears old emotional patterns
⬩ a powerful guide for meditation and inner soul reflection



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