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Love is kind.

Love is unconditional.

Love needs no reason.

Love hugs you tight when you cry.

Love squeezes your hand because it feels good.

Love sings to you.

Love touches you.

Love paints you pictures.

Love is colourful.

Love sparkles.

Love is speechless.

Love listens.

Love is patient.

Love is here.

Love always comes home.

Love can’t stop kissing you.

Love makes your insides melt like cacao left too close to the stove by accident.

Love leaves you little notes everywhere.

Love listens.

Love makes you hot ginger tea.

Love carries you over puddles.

Love doesn’t mind the rain.

Love gets lost in the mountains with you but it’s okay because

Love > fear.

Love shows up on your doorstep. With roses. And cucumbers.

Love warms you up when you’re cold.

Love spoons.

Love heals.

Love wins.

Love is a warrior.

Love survives.

Love grows.

Love lasts.

Love stares up at the stars and wonders where you fell from.

Love lingers a moment longer.

Love breathes you in.

Love shows up to yoga class because you’re there and

Love is wherever you are.

Love makes you vegan avocado milkshakes.

Love makes you scream in bed.

Love is innocent.

Love is funny.

Love is playful.

Love is a glimmer of light in the black.

Love thinks you’re perfect.

Love is you.

Love is me.

Love is.



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