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This sunstone mala is made for one who warms every heart she touches. An earth-angel of the highest vibration, Lori came to me a year ago to attend my very last yoga teacher training. She flew all the way from Ireland to Canada (and lived in my home for 10 weeks!) to devote to the practice of Yoga — and that was the very beginning of our exquisitely beautiful friendship.

Generous, radiant and kind, people bloom in Lori’s presence. It’s no surprise that she’s evolved into a well-loved teacher, a beaming source of wisdom and light. She’s at the very beginning of her journey, and yet she’s overcome so much already. I made this mala to remind her of the sun, of the days that will come after every dark night.

I woke up this morning at 4 AM with a burning desire to create. This came pouring out me during my morning sadhana, amidst chants to Lakshmi Ma. The goddess of beauty, prosperity, abundance and love – of the outer worlds and the inner heart – arrived, and her shakti rose passionately through me.

When I finished, the first rays of sun started to creep into the sky, and I carried Lori’s mala out to our deck. I sat with delight to watch the sun rise and meditated with mala in hand. The sky turned a rich blue, with the most angelic of clouds, and a deep peace settled into my heart. The entire world felt entirely beautiful. And everything, in this moment, was right.

c r y s t a l   m e a n i n g s

⬩ inspires self-nurturance to nurture others
⬩ radiates vitality, generosity, joy and warmth
⬩ empowers the self and removes co-dependancy
⬩ sunscreen for the spirit – wards off all negativity
⬩ a beacon for childlike peace and play!

a deep emotional healer
⬩ releases self-destructive tendancies
⬩ balances the soul after grief, loss, or illness
⬩ increases sensitivity to sound and music

 known as “the stone of hope”
⬩ brings peace, tranquility, and faithful love
⬩ encourages the gentle resolution of painful memories
⬩ calls on the guidance of angelic powers


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