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Beloved graduate of Sufey Yoga 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training in Prince George, Canada (2015)

Kris Holland

What has Yoga taught you? What has Yoga helped you to move through?
Yoga has taught me that I am very much in control of my own experiences. While I cannot control the events that may transpire in my life, I can control how I experience those events. Yoga has taught me that I don’t have dwell in the negative aspects of my experiences. I can acknowledge the hurt, feel it and release it. I can choose happiness during painful times. This lesson has been utterly freeing for me. Breathe, feel and release. Everything will be okay.

What is one powerful story or memory from your Yoga Teacher Training experience?
Feeling truly seen and appreciated for all my flaws and strengths during our graduation ceremony. It is rare in our society to have those moments of being seen and loved and while the training was full of them, sitting in a circle surrounded by my tribe and all their love has to be my favourite. Love is powerful and healing.

What have you learned from Sufey?
To me Sufey has always embodied unending and unconditional love. You can see her practice it every day towards herself and others. She inspires me to work on letting go of my own fears and to embrace love every day.

What words of wisdom would you give to a new yoga student?
Yoga can be whatever you need or want it to be. Try to let go of what you think it should or has to be and let it be what you need it to be. Embrace your strengths and challenge your weaknesses. Try out different styles, classes and instructors and follow the path that speaks to you. Your yoga journey is for you.

What is your personal mission or vision?
I am always happiest when I am helping others. My goal is to help others develop their own tools to find happiness, health, peace and love for themselves. ❤

Kris Holland

KIKI has over 8 years of accumulated training and experience in various dance styles, yoga, running, fitness, and aerial movements. KiKi has a passion for helping others and finding the joy in life. When not practicing movement, KiKi spends her days working in the social services realm helping youth and families, running programs that teach health, nutrition and fitness. KiKi has over 7 years of experience working with high risk populations, individuals with addiction issues, mental health issues and unhealthy relationships. KiKi has training in Suicide Intervention, Level 1 first aid, Victim Services Training and Therapeutic Crisis Intervention. Her combination of experience in social work and in Yoga have shaped her welcoming presence, happy spirit, patient attitude, and accepting nature. KiKi’s goal is to help others use movement and yoga to bring peace and happiness into their own lives, and to work at minimizing their own stress, pain, fear and grief. KiKi believes that yoga is for everyone and everybody and is happy to work with clients of all backgrounds and experience.

To connect with KiKi, visit her at Yoga By KiKi, Facebook or Instagram.

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