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When I think of what it means to be “feminine”, the first word I think of is fierce. Because women, over the ages, have endured and risen through the most trying of times. Our bodies are designed to perform miraculous feats. We have the emotional capacity (and relentless desire) to heal ourselves and the world. Our hearts are touched by the suffering of others. More than anything, we care.

When I think of women I the women I most admire, they are the ones that have two feet firmly grounded on the earth, with wings reaching for the heavens above. The women work diligently with passion, devotion, and sobriety. Those that take compassionate action, with a generosity of spirit that comes only from being full within. This is the kind of woman Katie is.

The first mala I made for Katie was a sweet, delicate piece of rose quartz and moonstone – but when she told me the silk snapped upon arrival, a lightbulb went off in my head.

Maybe delicate isn’t what she needs – maybe what she needs is strong. 

They say your mala will break when you don’t need it anymore – it is the end of a cycle of your life. This is the best time to re-evaluate, set new intentions, and welcome in a new one. So as I re-designed a mala for Katie, I knew something else was calling. I struggled at first with what that meant. I experimented with bigger beads, gold frills, the works. But nothing felt quite right…

And then one morning, I woke up, and my hands pulled these gemstones together. Amethyst, jade, golden rutilated quartz. For spiritual sobriety. True seeing of the self. And active manifestation. I didn’t even know it was for Katie at the beginning. My hands just couldn’t stop. But as soon as I strung the last bead on, I felt instantly that it was hers.

The mala still kept its original delicacy, but this time, it was strung on a much sturdier substance. There were extra clasps at the end to keep it all together. And I knew it was the internal re-wiring that was the most important, just as in all matters of the heart.

I chanted to Lakshmi Ma through the making of this mala. She came so naturally, so beautifully. The devoted and beloved feminine, the giver of joy, wealth, and all blessings of the Universe. May all beings everywhere be abundant and free! ♥

Om Namo Lakshmi.
Om Namo Lakshmi. 
Om Namo Lakshmi.
Prema Devi Mata-ji. 

c r y s t a l   m e a n i n g s

⬩ a stone of calm wisdom and spiritual sobriety
⬩ soothing and faithful, one of nature’s best healers
⬩ inspires new creative ways of solving old problems
⬩ revered for its great beauty; the beauty of the highest truth

 a gentle, compassion-centered healer
⬩ aids in dreaming and ritualistic insights
⬩ encourages one to see themselves as they truly are
⬩ calls in friendship, abundance, strength, good luck
⬩ protects against intimidation and authoritative abuse

⬩ a powerful amplifier and manifestation stone
 highly psychic stone, becomes programmed with intentions
⬩ infuses your etheric body with power and divine light


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