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Sufey Chen

hello, beloveds ❤

To be with the right people, at the right time, in a right exchange, is a profoundly healing experience. To find kinfolk who understand, and, better yet, value the uniqueness and depth of our life experiences: the joys and the pains, the courage and the creations, this is a rare and precious gift. These are the exchanges where we both expand, outwards and inwards, uncovering and sharing our deepest truths. These are the symbiotic relationships that serve us well.

Sufey Yoga

On the outside, this may look like a yoga class, a reiki session, a sound journey, a sister circle, a space holding.
On the inside, the spirit begins to stir… to sing, to dance, to rest, to heal. 

Sufey Yoga

I come with awakened tools, full presence, and fierce motherly compassion.
You come with open curiosity, readiness for growth, and firm devoted desire.
Together, we listen to Spirit and ask what is calling to come through.

You will know if you’re meant to work with me,
and I will know if I’m meant to work with you.

Sufey Yoga

If our meeting is tugging from the felt sense of your soul, then write me directly at

In joy, celebration, and deep reverence of you,

Sufey Yoga