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The making of this mala was a very special milestone for me, as it was my first custom order from a friend-to-be. Because we didn’t have a personal history together, I asked her to share her story with me. She sent me a heart-wrenching message that left me in tears — and even more ready to cheer her on. Her words radiated her fierceness, her resilience, and her determination to stand strong. And this mala came through as a reflection of her shakti (divine feminine power), and her ability to re-birth and rise.

She is a mama to the most precious one-year-old boy. A yogi. A nature-lover, too. Her heart is kind and vibrant and free. If we had landed in the same city, I’m sure we would be friends.

I made this mala to support Jamie in her journey, choosing each crystal with intention and care. Moss agate for new beginnings. Banded agate for strength. Chrysocolla for forgiveness. And turquoise for luck. With every bead I strung, I called upon my beloved Kuan Yin, the Divine Mother who knew compassion above all. Om Mani Padme Hum. May all beings find comfort, may all beings know peace. ♥

c r y s t a l   m e a n i n g s

⬩ a stone of birthing and new beginnings
⬩ attracts abundance in wealth, friendships, and love
⬩ strengthens the body in times of illness and hardship
⬩ cleanses the body’s energy system and reduces pain
⬩ cherished by gardeners and nature-lovers, helps plants to grow

 a gentle, slow-but-steady healer that clears the subtle bodies
⬩ works on the root of deeper problems instead of symptoms 
⬩ provides strength, endurance and stamina, physically and emotionally

⬩ a crystal of calm and compassionate communication
 empowers the gentle energy of the Divine Feminine
⬩ releases guilt and heartache, opens the heart to love
⬩ inspires forgiveness, inner peace, and tranquility

⬩ a prized talisman of wisdom, serenity, and luck
⬩ attracts friendliness and kindness in self and others
⬩ dissolves self-sabotage and lifts one’s spirits
⬩ stabilizes and soothes the mind



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