I Am A Wave And The Entire Ocean


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This month: completely, ridiculously, unabashedly happy.

High on something to do with nothing. Reading deliciously trashy novels that have no intellectual value whatsoever (what glee!). Re-discovering naps. Long, indulgent, guilt-free naps. Stretching time. Taking long morning walks on the beach, long midday walks on the beach, long evening walks on the beach. Collecting seashells. Going to Yoga. Not going to Yoga. Answering calls. Not answering calls. Who’s keeping tabs, anyways? Being majestically unproductive. Revelling in this freshly-baked priority. Lucia light therapy. Sacred geometry, third eye chakra, theta waves. Absorbed, lost, osmosized into The Universe. I am a wave and the entire ocean. Floating. A lot. Settling into deep, eerily silent, occasionally terrifying and endlessly expansive blackness. Wondering if this is what death feels like. Who am I? Do I even exist?

Talking to God. Alone and naked.
Hello, hello, can you hear me?



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