An Evening of Healing Yoga for Fort McMurray Sufey Chen

At this moment, I am writing from my beautiful northern hometown of Prince George, BC.

If you are in the north, you will know about the raging wildfire burning through Fort McMurray, a city in Alberta similar in size to us. A city full of workers and their families, human beings like you and me, who are bearing the brunt of the earth’s intense anger. Over 100000 people have been evacuated from their homes, many of which have been burnt down into ashes. The rest of the world is watching in shock at the seemingly unstoppable rage that is being expressed through nature.

In times like this, we are called to have great compassion, to come together in circle, to put aside our political views and feelings of separateness, and to remember that we are all children from the same source, with our feet rooted on this shared earth. It is a time to bind together and help each other out, to have empathy, to realize that what happens to one is what happens to all. Earth mama has been crying for a long time without anyone listening, and she is starting to scream now. We are all equally responsible for the events that are to come. Can we receive this as guidance to begin looking within?

When my dear friend Rory asked me to donate an evening of yoga as part of his Bend to Lend a Hand campaign (all classes at North Edge Ice Sports are by-donation to Fort McMurray for the month of May), I said yes, of course. The difficult events of this month are external manifestations of a deeper unacknowledged pain. When hurt, anger and shame are allowed to be seen, heard, felt and worked through, the fire within can transform into a space of healing, vitality and true joy.

Please join us for this 3-hour interactive workshop on inner healing, personal transformation and compassionate living, delivered through satsang (group discussion), asana (yoga movement), mantra (chanting), and liberating ecstatic dance.

100% of proceeds go towards the Red Cross funds in aid of human beings and families devastated by the Fort McMurray wildfire. Donations anywhere from $5 to $100+ (workshop value: $100) are welcome, as this is a service offering to the community. No one is turned away.

Ring 6048805891 or email with any questions. Please bring a yoga mat, water bottle, notebook and pen!

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