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I met Emmy when I was eleven or twelve, at my first debate provincials. We were both fiery little creatures, intensely competitive, full of vibrancy and spirit. I remember watching her speak and admiring her eloquence, her passion, her intellect, her charm. She was so damn alive and I loved that.

Fast forward many years – we had both converted into yoga teachers, had our hearts a few times broken, gone into the darkness a good many times, and crawled back out into the light. She came to one of my yoga retreats in Costa Rica, and held me like a baby in the water. This girl knew exactly how to mend my heart.

Fast forward more years – we would call each other to cry, and end up laughing till our tummies hurt. She always knew exactly what to say to me. We were honest as heck and devoted to spiritual inquiry. What is real here? 

On our last phone call, these exact beads found their way into my hands. I played with them for over an hour without even realizing it! At the very end of our conversation, to my surprise, she ordered a mala, and I laughed because it had already designed itself!

This mala is clearly for you, I smiled. And it took me till today to bead it together, but the arrangement had come on its own. Tiger’s eye and yellow jade to balance the yin and yang. 2 parts feminine, 1 part masculine. Black tourmaline for protection. And a just a hint of onyx to remind us of the darkness – and how far we’ve come into the light.

I chanted to Durga Ma throughout the making of this mala, to honour the fierce and feminine. The goddess that so embodies all that Emmy is. May all be fearless, may all be free! ♥

c r y s t a l   m e a n i n g s

⬩ all-seeing, all-knowing eye
⬩ encourages right use of power

⬩ a call to action, strengthens the will
⬩ brings abundance, balance and insights

attracts fortune, friendship, and loyalty 
⬩ restores and cleanses the digestive system
⬩ inspires a sense of joy and lightness

  revered by shamans for protection
 dispels negative energies and EMF radition
⬩ grounds scattered energies back into the earth

⬩ heals on all planes: physical, emotional, mental, spiritual

 aids a recognition of what needs to be released
⬩  reduces uncontrollable sexual impulses
⬩  encourages wise decisions


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