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Our first song! Hope you enjoy. <3

Lyrics – Sufey Chen
Music – Simon Chen
Sound – Sam Watkinson

Delicate    (<– Click to listen)

You gave me your heart in a box marked delicate
I didn’t want it, I was scared I would drop it
Fragile as a white lace ornamental doiley was I
Didn’t have the strength I thought I had lost it

But you took my hand anyways
Took my heart out to play
Told me it’d be okay

And I jumped anyways
Took a leap of love
And I heard the angels cheering
From the heavens above

And I laughed anyways
When my smile was lost
Didn’t know that a kiss
Was all that bliss cost

I’ve fallen again
Just catch me
Time and again
I believe

Fallen again
Just catch me
Time and again
I believe


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