Dear Future Me


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Dear future me,

I love you.

You are one honey-dewdrop of a lucky girl! Don’t forget that.

I hope you still squeal when you see rainbows and dance around naked at sunset while peacocks caw to the didgeridoo. (And if none of those things are around, I hope you imagine it and shake your booty anyways.)

I hope you still do yoga in health food stores and knock over boxes of raw cacao. I hope you still stuff yourself with gogi berries and mangos and climb every tree and car you see and start swordfights in the middle of flea markets. Hiiiiyah!

I hope you still hold hands with your soul sister and walk into gas stations singing songs you made up at the top of your lungs.

I hope you still talk to strangers in a Southern-Chinese accent and tell them about your prosperity meditations. Har Har Har Har. Hey, they worked. 😉

I hope you take your hugs seriously- at least one a day for optimum health! The more the better though. Hugs are healing!

I hope you never forget when you cried tears of joy for the first time, out here by the ocean. You stood on that rock by that statue of Buddha and screamed “thank you” to the divine Goddess. I hope you always say thank you.

I hope you see the beauty in every moment, because everything we see is just a reflection of who we are. Remember that.

Last of all, I hope you don’t take life too seriously. If you don’t make it this lifetime, just try for the next. You’ve got a couple more centuries at least.

Follow your bliss. Give love. Trust in god. Good things will come.


A film made with love by Sufey. (Youku version for those in China!)

Guitar – Allowah Lani
Didgeridoo – Talia Yeckle
Drums – Ali Gardella
Shaker – Meridith Tuttle

Photos & videos by Sufey except those of me. Credit goes to dear friends Talia Yeckle, Allowah Lani, Lila Land, Manos Moschopolous, Wil Fundal, Manuel Adams, Elise Dudley & Pearl Loerke!

Kisses to the blessed souls of Spirit of Aloha who left such a beautiful loveprint on my heart!


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