teaching in NAPLES, FLORIDA
spirit animal DRAGONFLY
specialties VINYASA, HATHA, YIN… oh, and DANCING!

Beloved graduate of Sufey Yoga 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training in Ubud, Bali (2016)

Claudia Maturell

How did you transform through your Yoga Teacher Training?
Sufey’s Yoga Teacher Training helped me reach a level of honesty with myself I have never experienced before. This was a place I needed to be in before I could be able to hold spaces for others. The transformation and development process was definitely an intense one, but desperately needed as well. I am now more self-aware of my strengths and the areas I need to work on; which, at the end of the day, centers me with the reminder that I am ever-growing and to take in the present moment because it is perfect.

What was one of the most important lesson you learned through your Yoga Teacher Training?
This is a reoccurring lesson in my life. To trust the process. The Universe is always in our favor. Just put in the work and trust. Everything is perfect as it is.

What have you learned from Sufey?
To love infinitely, unconditionally, and selflessly. Oh and, of course, to laugh out loud as we embrace that precious inner child.

What have you learned from living in community?
After experiencing this communal living, I am strongly compelled to create the same kind of support system for others. The girls in our Bali love tribe took me in just as I was, with zero ounces of judgment. And we did the same for each other. The biggest lesson they taught me was about unconditional love and support. Sometimes they believed in me more than I believed in myself. This selfless, sisterly love carried me through graduation day, and it continues just as strong today. I am able to hold space for others the way I do greatly because of the incredible bond we created.

What are you excited to bring back home?
I am excited to bring back the concept of creating communities of healing, spirituality and support. That was probably one of the greatest gifts I received during my training, and I know it was also one of the most beneficial experience to my soul. So now I want to bring it with me wherever I go, and give it out to whomever is open to it.

What is your personal mission or vision?
After this training, my mission is to create communities of healing, spirituality, support and love wherever life takes me. The opportunity of bringing people together and creating unity in the diversity of this world is the greatest blessing I was endowed with. Yoga is one of my mediums to achieve that. ❤

Claudia Maturell

CLAUDIA MATURELL has been in and out of the yoga world for the past four years. She got serious with it this last year when she felt a lack of spirituality in the different yoga classes she was attending, and so decided to do something about it. After experiencing the most spiritually enriching period of her life, ending a project of volunteer community service in Miami and moving back home to Naples, Claudia went to Bali in March of 2016 for her yoga teacher training so that she could impact the yoga scene and serve others in this new capacity. Although this trip could’ve seemed impulsive and rather risky for the common outsider, anyone who knows the adventurous and curious nature of Claudia wouldn’t be too surprised. In this very transformative period of her life, Claudia learned about herself, accepted the ever-evolving nature of her spirit, and realized the significance of communities. These all shaped her new life mission of creating unity all around her through the sacred spaces of yoga classes, meditation sessions, and daily uplifting interactions with the divine beings that cross her path. She likes to be referred to as a space holder. Spirituality is at the core of everything she does. The daily opportunity to serve others to bring about unity and happiness, and the knowledge that her soul will be ever-growing are her main reasons to continue exploring, learning and loving in this beautiful journey of life.

To connect with Claudia, visit her at lightnbliss.com, or on her FacebookPage, or Instagram.
You can also call her at 239 384 1650 or e-mail cmaturell@gmail.com.

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