Call of the Wild Geese


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Streaks of pink and gold weave into the darkness of the early-morning sky. I am alone, absorbed in prayer, squatting atop the kelp-strewn rocks of English Bay. The calls of wild geese pierce through the air. A family swims by, twenty-two in total, in one perfectly straight line. The tide sweeps into shore stronger and faster as they come closer and closer. In one fell swoop, they cry out and rise up, in perfect harmony, disappearing effortlessly into the sky. I am captivated by the simplicity and magnificence of it all…

English Bay Vancouver Sunset Beach

When we are in alignment with spirit, working together with our brothers and sisters, humbly focused on one conscious intention, life can be very simple and very beautiful. We are often inundated with stories of pain and suffering, drama and trauma, stress and distress, sin and guilt — so much so that we start to believe that this is the only way to be. In a society of constant stimulation, overwhelming amounts of options and a subconscious projection of “not enough”, it is easy to become addicted to excess. It is easy to buy into ego-driven thoughts of separation, competition, unworthiness and lack, which ultimately lead to a perpetuation of the suffering we see both internally and in the external world.

Yet in a time of deep confusion, mixed messages and avidya (ignorance or delusion), our work is to cultivate dialogue on what is possible and devote ourselves to living the teachings of Yoga. We are meant to live in a peaceful and joyous state. This may not be the commonly accepted state of being (yet), but it is completely accessible to us all, at all times. We do this through conscious intention, softening our judgments, cultivating a witness mind, seeing each other as ourselves, and reminding all around us of who we truly are: pure, unchanging, eternal Love.

As we awaken a deep peace within ourselves, the world around us will soften. As we free others from our mistaken way of seeing them as wrong, we free ourselves from the illusion of sin. As we choose to see each moment as a holy opportunity for healing, we slowly re-program the operating system of the world— may it be be fuelled by kindness rather than fear. What we acknowledge in others is what we acknowledge in ourselves. What we extend to others, we strengthen.


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