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The Experience

Journeying with grace and gratitude into: 

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UBUD, BALI. We live in an angelic boutique villa, an exquisite slice of paradise.


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Goddess Guides

Sufey Yoga

Sufey Chen

Lover. Mystic. Artist. Poetess. Yogini. Sound Healer. Wild Woman.

Wild curiosity inspires Sufey’s trek across the globe in devotion to Yoga: from studying with master teachers to living with silent monks to pouring her heart into the radical co-creation of transformational 200-hour and 500-hour Yoga teacher trainings and retreats in the USA (Maui, Florida), Costa Rica, Bali, Canada and Asia.

A nomadic lifestyle paired with an age of personal metamorphosis rebirths Sufey daily into a state of wonder. Her formal education includes four intensive years of biomedical health sciences in anatomy, physiology, psychology, lifespan development, genetics and biology at the University of Northern British Columbia, delightful dabblings in art, theatre and dance at New Mexico State University and 3500+ hours of studying, assisting, guesting and leading teacher trainings in vinyasa, kundalini, yin, prenatal, kids yoga, ecstatic dance, acroyoga, thai massage, anatomy, meditation, pranayama and bhakti with yogi pioneers including Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa, Bernie Clark, Danny Paradise, Tina James, Emerson Lim, Rod Stryker, Anodea Judith, Max Strom, Teresa Campbell, Leslie Kaminoff, Kino MacGregor and Gloria Latham, among countless other sweet souls.

With 10+ years of teaching experience, Sufey’s dynamic classes draw from her eclectic experience of the world as she offers inquisitive and insightful methodology designed to challenge the norm. Her fascination with relationships, conscious communication and the mystical dimension offers up myriads of treasures to take off the mat and into your life. Please, come to embrace the wonderful and the weird: laughing, crying, chanting, singing, shaking, dancing, crawling, growling, rolling, hugging, flowing, breathing, being. No matter what path is presented, the intention is always the same: Love. Love. Love.

Ilse Skestere

Visionary. Artist. Yoga Teacher. Advocate of natural health, beauty and wellness. Living foods educator. Sacred Feminine healing arts.

Ilse has always felt a calling to live a life in alignment with her deepest soul purpose on this planet. To follow her calling, she has been drawn to different cultures, traditions and mystical paths.

Ilse has had the blessing to live and travel to different countries all over the world since young age to experience the ancient wisdoms and sacred sites. All these experiences have guided her to the real treasure that can be found only within. Guided by her inner knowing she discovered yoga path that took her on a deep journey of awakening, transformation, authenticity and self-love. Ilse has also experienced a powerful exhilaration through living foods, discovering that human body is meant to thrive and experience radiant health by choosing the foods that expand our happiness and joy. Ilse believes that by making choices in alignment with nature we can redesign our life and the health of our bodies in a powerful way.

The essence of her teachings is rooted in sharing with others the miracle of incorporating some powerful holistic living principles that serve as an opportunity to come back into our hearts, re-anchor our awareness in the present moment, align with our deepest intentions, and create a life that is in harmony with our highest truth.

Ilse’s background as an artist and a designer has helped her to view the whole life as an Art, as our greatest Masterpeace. Through practicing the holistic living principles we can live our lives with pure beauty and grace, we can choose to be artists and creators of our lives and experience the magic of this existence moment by moment… Come along and walk The Beauty Way!


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All-inclusive retreat investment:
$2880 USD

Refund Policy: If written notice of withdrawal is received:



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