Morning Yoga for Beginners

Aloha from Mama Maui! ॐ

This is a simple self-care practice with massage, breath of joy and intention setting.

Wishing you love, light and sunshine! xx


In the spirit of freedom, two girls from our 200-hr yoga teacher training and I filmed a practice in our living room.
In our yoga, we don’t have rules or limits or walls. We have only our love for each other.


Yoga is a deconstruction of limitations.
A deprogramming of societal conditioning.
A path to inner enlightenment.

Often, people get lost in the “right” or “real” way to do yoga.
Often, people get lost in the way they “should be” or “should act”.
Often, people toss away their dreams to settle for something that is “good enough, I guess”.

This is tragic.

“if only this, then…” or “I wish I could, but…”

We manifest our own lives.
We move how we want to move.
We are who we want to be.

Yoga feels good. Yoga is whatever you want it to be.

A Return to Love | 200-hr Yoga Teacher Training

The day I left the corporate world, a teaching opportunity manifested.

I said: I want to heal, travel, teach.

To touch and be touched, move and be moved.
To scrub mud on my body and joy on my soul.
To kiss the sweet earth and taste love on my lips.

I want to set my spirit alive.

He said: come to Maui, teach teachers, return to love.

And so it begins.

A Day in My Life

Wake up. Be awesome.

A sneak peek into my yoga practice:


The reason I’m so happy everyday (best job ever!):


Grateful to be raised in abundance of love:


Feeling blessed to be living bliss!


I believe that everyone should be given the tools to live a healthy, empowered lifestyle. Yoga and joy is a gift meant to be shared, so let me know: What can I make to serve you? 

Do you want strength-building flows? Meditations? Beginner or advanced poses? More videos of my practice? How long would you want to do a yoga video for? The more I know, the better I can cater to your needs!

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Wishing you a BEAUTIFUL, blessed day! xox

~ Sufey



Blog Gratitude II & Yoga for YOU

Wowza!What an incredible flavour-burstin’ kinda year so far!!

Life has been absolutely insane (in that head-spinnin’, beauty-chasin’, abundance-flowin’ way), but I’m HERE and alive with exciting new projects on the go!

First off, a very grateful (and way overdue) thank you for the blog awards from Ute Smile, Second Half Woman, Our Life in 3D, Lilly Sue’s Bites and Brews, Fictional Machines and Sustainably Single Parenting. Check out these delightful sites yo!

Second, I’m going to talk ’bout myself today- hope that’s okay!

As you might know, I’m a little yoga addict on a perpetual yoga high. Teaching joy is my life and passion. And in spirit of following heart, facing fears, and a hot hot desire to spread this bliss, I’m dying to ask- what can I do for YOU?

Are you interested in yoga? What would you like to learn?


I’ve been absolutely thrilled by the interest and commitment to health ‘n’ happiness in my community, and I would love to share this love with YOU too!

As a private online teacher, you can do yoga with me whenever you want! Email me first at  so we can customize an epic class together.

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Last but not least, SHARE your health goals in the comments below!

I’ll start whippin’ up yoga vids made with love as soon as school’s out- let me know what you want!

Cheers to radiant, sparkle-filled, dream lives for us all! XO <3

~ Sufey

Dear Future Me


Dear future me,

I love you.

You are one honey-dewdrop of a lucky girl! Don’t forget that.

I hope you still squeal when you see rainbows and dance around naked at sunset while peacocks caw to the didgeridoo. (And if none of those things are around, I hope you imagine it and shake your booty anyways.)

I hope you still do yoga in health food stores and knock over boxes of raw cacao. I hope you still stuff yourself with gogi berries and mangos and climb every tree and car you see and start swordfights in the middle of flea markets. Hiiiiyah!

I hope you still hold hands with your soul sister and walk into gas stations singing songs you made up at the top of your lungs.

I hope you still talk to strangers in a Southern-Chinese accent and tell them about your prosperity meditations. Har Har Har Har. Hey, they worked. 😉

I hope you take your hugs seriously- at least one a day for optimum health! The more the better though. Hugs are healing!

I hope you never forget when you cried tears of joy for the first time, out here by the ocean. You stood on that rock by that statue of Buddha and screamed “thank you” to the divine Goddess. I hope you always say thank you.

I hope you see the beauty in every moment, because everything we see is just a reflection of who we are. Remember that.

Last of all, I hope you don’t take life too seriously. If you don’t make it this lifetime, just try for the next. You’ve got a couple more centuries at least.

Follow your bliss. Give love. Trust in god. Good things will come.


A film made with love by Sufey. (Youku version for those in China!)

Guitar – Allowah Lani
Didgeridoo – Talia Yeckle
Drums – Ali Gardella
Shaker – Meridith Tuttle

Photos & videos by Sufey except those of me. Credit goes to dear friends Talia Yeckle, Allowah Lani, Lila Land, Manos Moschopolous, Wil Fundal, Manuel Adams, Elise Dudley & Pearl Loerke!

Kisses to the blessed souls of Spirit of Aloha who left such a beautiful loveprint on my heart!


Prana serenades me with her lush, expansive voice, and inhales me deeply in. She owns my body, caressing it with elements of her energy: the wind, the water, the sun. Mortal imperfections disintegrate into raw Earth below, and as I become nothing, I become the universe.

I shake, shake, shake, wild, glorious, free. I am frothing ocean foam, tumbling and tumbling into sea rock. I am a ragged palm frond stroking soft despite cracked angel wings, the worn fingers of a great-great-grandfather. I am pantyhose escaping a clothesline, gleefully giggling away on a windy day.

The sun falls into shavasana with me. His dying rays infuse my soul with a bubbling, ecstatic gratitude. I am a prayer in motion, in dance, in play, giving thanks for the joyous state we are meant to live in: this bliss, this ananda.


Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu
May all beings everywhere be happy and free,
May the thoughts, words and actions of my own life
Contribute in some way to that happiness and to that freedom for all

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