Adventure #1: Jesse DeLisle

“I’m an open book. The world writes on my book  and I’m the publisher.”

Jesse DeLisle  |  Artist  |  24  |  @thewildtraveller 

It’s rare to find individuals that strike the perfect balance between ambition and compassion — but Jesse is one of these special gems. He had his camera up, mid-click, when I spotted him on the corner of Granville and West Georgia.

We hit it off immediately.

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Turns out he recently moved to Vancouver from Australia, fell in love with the city (and a lovely girl) and was passionate about connecting the community he organized an instameet in January and spoke eagerly on bringing youth together.

As a fellow newcomer, I asked how he established himself so quickly. He answered: “If you aspire to follow your dreams, people come to you. And it‘s true — I found it impossible to contain my excitement while talking to him. His inquisitive mind sparked new thoughts in mine. His zest for life filled me with energy. 

But I think it was his big, bold actions that impressed me the most. He hides real art in public places (#wildphotohunt), sends film photo prints to his followers, buys coffee for strangers and is clearly dedicated to becoming the best version of himself. Meeting someone who turns inspiration into reality every day is truly humbling.

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If I were to take only one lesson from Jesse, it would be to keep opening to life’s possibilities. His penchant for growth, endless optimism and big dreams makes him a person to watch this won’t be the last you hear of him.

As final words of advice, he says: “Be open-minded.

Good things always come out of bad, no matter how bad they seem. Think: how can I grow?“ 


Dear Universe:

for the high, high heights we strive to reach,


for soul songs, kindred spirits and serendipitous days,


for those who smile despite their circumstances,


Thank you.


Gratitude is the key to happiness.

I am thankful for who I am; for what I have seen, felt, and loved. It’s easy to lose ourselves amidst the chaos of life. Through Dear Universe posts, I remind myself to take time every day to slow down, appreciate, and enjoy the beauty of each moment.

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All my love, joy & happy thoughts to you! <3

~ Sufey