Adventure #5: Heather Jones

“You don’t need to be amazing. You don’t need to be not amazing. You just are.
You are, in and of yourself, worthwhile.”

Heather Dawn Jones (nicknamed “Noodle”)  |  Artist  |  31  |  Lookout Arts Quarry

I fell in love with Noodle the moment I saw her.

There was something about Noodle—
her bright turquoise cowboy boots,
her addictive, unscripted giggle,
her handwritten notes in big green print on pale pink paper—
that captured me instantly. Instantly.

I was at Creative Mornings with a dear friend, and Heather was giving a talk on Minimalism.
She spoke a rawness that blazed open my spirit— I listened, I connected, I lusted.
I didn’t realize it then, but she was a living possibility of what I could be.

I tackled her after her speech— I swooped down and hugged her and sing-songed:
“Will you go on a date with me?”

And thus began our adventures.

Decorating our brunch at Catch 122!

Noodle is the kind of person that gets better and better as you get to know her.
She also makes art of everything (like breakfast!)

She lavished my mind with stories of her journey, and my own forgotten dreams began to flutter alive.

Heather wanted to be an artist.
But the life of an artist, romantic as it sounds, is not one that comes easy.
She tree planted for six years and put all her earnings into the bank, keeping only $2000 to live off each year.
She would sweat and toil over the summer, then hibernate and create over the winter.
She found cheap art supplies— rocks, tin cans, broken chair legs— lived simply, and made her own clothes.

When she saved enough, Noodle and her friends pooled their money.
They bought 50 acres of land (previously an industrial rock quarry) near Bellingham, and dubbed it an art collective.
They live, breathe and create as circus performers, slackline walkers, visual artists, musicians… everything.

People go to lose themselves in nature and find themselves in art.

I was hooked.

Photo of Lookout Arts Quarry — Heather’s home!

Noodle was the living, breathing proof that people could manifest their own destiny.
She was so happy, so spirited, so generous, so free. She was everything I wanted to be.

“It’s one thing to make a beautiful art piece.
It’s another to create an environment that changes people.”

And that’s what Noodle does— she designs immersive art pieces: a place for transformation.

Like a 75-foot installation at the Vancouver International Children’s Festival,
where 4000 children wove recycled strips of fabric onto a gigantic dinosaur framework.

“From the outside, it was cool… but from the inside, it was a whole new world.
Kids were playing tag, whack-a-mole, crawling around, I’ve never seen so many kids laughing!”

Heather and her dinosaur from the Children’s Festival!

She reminisced about her own childhood, growing up with her cousins and neighbourhood kids.
“Once you know what that’s like [a connected collective], you’ll always be looking for it.”
And in Noodle’s case, creating it. Building it. Pouring her loving energy into it.

I could write a book about breakfast alone.

But soon we gathered up, biked our way to the Maker Faire and lost ourselves in a musical abyss.
We danced to fiddles, poked at glow-in-the-dark contraptions and surrendered to the midday sun.
We soon parted ways, and planned to meet up the next night.

But the next night, while she was biking up to my house with pho for dinner, I smashed my bike into a wall.

And this is where our friendship truly begins—
because that night, this beautiful, exquisite stranger, who I had known for just a day, saved me.

She mothered me, soothed me, and held my hand as I lay writhing in agony.
She comforted me, dressed me, and told me that I would be okay.
She took me to the hospital, talked for me, and stroked me till the wee hours of the night.
She gave me everything.

If I had been alone, I don’t know what I would have done.
I was in the kind of pain that makes a sane person irrational and crazy and reckless.
And she saved me.

That night, she was Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King, and every holy angel in the world to me.

I was grateful (though grateful is not strong enough of a word) to her then, and I will be always.

Because that night, I saw the sweetness of humanity in her eyes.
I tasted a radical, exhilarating love.
I felt kindness sweep up my soul,
gathering up all the cracked little pieces of me
and sewing me back together,
one soul-stitch by one.

I have a million words and no words left to say, but there is no need to describe a thing more.
I discovered a new language with Noodle, one that exists only in being.


Her affirmation from earlier that day echoed in my ears:
“I am worth loving.”

Fierce | Laura


Live fierce, live free.


Stroll boldly in the direction of your dreams.


Inhale beauty.

Exhale bliss.


Conquer your destiny.

~ Sufey

Model | LAURA 

Artist, classic beauty & singer extraordinaire

Spirit | Destiny



Beauty lies in a spirit come alive, in the way light

cascades out our eyes

and things begin to grow.

Things like heart, art and soul.




What is more beautiful than a girl who feeds her spirit first?




For a full spirit can’t hide;

it pours out of souls the way

rainbows pour out of the grey.




So inhale in the fire of desire.

Let it fuel you,

feed you,

free you.




~ Sufey



3rd degree black belt & taekwondo champion




Love is kind.

Love is unconditional.

Love needs no reason.

Love hugs you tight when you cry.

Love squeezes your hand because it feels good.

Love sings to you.

Love touches you.

Love paints you pictures.

Love is colourful.

Love sparkles.

Love is speechless.

Love listens.

Love is patient.

Love is here.

Love always comes home.

Love can’t stop kissing you.

Love makes your insides melt like cacao left too close to the stove by accident.

Love leaves you little notes everywhere.

Love listens.

Love makes you hot ginger tea.

Love carries you over puddles.

Love doesn’t mind the rain.

Love gets lost in the mountains with you but it’s okay because

Love > fear.

Love shows up on your doorstep. With roses. And cucumbers.

Love warms you up when you’re cold.

Love spoons.

Love heals.

Love wins.

Love is a warrior.

Love survives.

Love grows.

Love lasts.

Love stares up at the stars and wonders where you fell from.

Love lingers a moment longer.

Love breathes you in.

Love shows up to yoga class because you’re there and

Love is wherever you are.

Love makes you vegan avocado milkshakes.

Love makes you scream in bed.

Love is innocent.

Love is funny.

Love is playful.

Love is a glimmer of light in the black.

Love thinks you’re perfect.

Love is you.

Love is me.

Love is.


Dear Future Me


Dear future me,

I love you.

You are one honey-dewdrop of a lucky girl! Don’t forget that.

I hope you still squeal when you see rainbows and dance around naked at sunset while peacocks caw to the didgeridoo. (And if none of those things are around, I hope you imagine it and shake your booty anyways.)

I hope you still do yoga in health food stores and knock over boxes of raw cacao. I hope you still stuff yourself with gogi berries and mangos and climb every tree and car you see and start swordfights in the middle of flea markets. Hiiiiyah!

I hope you still hold hands with your soul sister and walk into gas stations singing songs you made up at the top of your lungs.

I hope you still talk to strangers in a Southern-Chinese accent and tell them about your prosperity meditations. Har Har Har Har. Hey, they worked. 😉

I hope you take your hugs seriously- at least one a day for optimum health! The more the better though. Hugs are healing!

I hope you never forget when you cried tears of joy for the first time, out here by the ocean. You stood on that rock by that statue of Buddha and screamed “thank you” to the divine Goddess. I hope you always say thank you.

I hope you see the beauty in every moment, because everything we see is just a reflection of who we are. Remember that.

Last of all, I hope you don’t take life too seriously. If you don’t make it this lifetime, just try for the next. You’ve got a couple more centuries at least.

Follow your bliss. Give love. Trust in god. Good things will come.


A film made with love by Sufey. (Youku version for those in China!)

Guitar – Allowah Lani
Didgeridoo – Talia Yeckle
Drums – Ali Gardella
Shaker – Meridith Tuttle

Photos & videos by Sufey except those of me. Credit goes to dear friends Talia Yeckle, Allowah Lani, Lila Land, Manos Moschopolous, Wil Fundal, Manuel Adams, Elise Dudley & Pearl Loerke!

Kisses to the blessed souls of Spirit of Aloha who left such a beautiful loveprint on my heart!

Tai Chi at Dawn

There’s something about mornings that just feel so deliciously alive.

Apparently I’m not the only one that feels this way, judging from the sweet cacophony of chirps in the air. A gentle, breezy wind waltzes through the skinny pines in our backyard, tickling the dandelions we’ll collect later for tea.

Mama smiles at me. “Breathe.”

She closes her eyes as our knees soften and our arms float up and down, beginning a new series of tai chi. Our breaths slow and synchronize to the flow of energy within.

As we float through the movements, I am hyperaware of how lovely my home is. Dew glints and glitters like Christmas, courtesy of Mother Nature’s décor. I can smell the wet earth as I become a snake creeping through the grass1, and electricity courses through my arms as I circulate my cloudy hands1. I reach deep, deep down to fetch the needle at the bottom of the sea1 and my body relaxes: softly, smoothly.

The sun creeps a little higher in the sky, and the shade of dawn melts away.

I admire how beautiful mama is as she moves with her comfortable grace. I hope to be like her one day, as kind, as generous, as forgiving as a mother should be.

I think about how far away I will be soon and etch this moment into my memory.

Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu
May all beings everywhere be happy and free,
May the thoughts, words and actions of my own life
Contribute in some way to that happiness and to that freedom for all

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