November 24, 2012 sufey

Simply Sprouting!

I was ecstatic this morning to find the cutest little eensy-weensy baby sprouties playing peek-a-boo in my glass jar. Yes, I see you!

I’ve been flirting with Raw Veganism for awhile. But last Monday, I committed to a month-long trial relationship to see whether we’re crazy ‘bout each other or not.

Our first awesomely epic date was sprouting, and boy-oh-boy, am I in love with this simple, fresh way to rock your healthiest self!

By sprouting, you “awaken” the dormant seeds. These sleeping beauties come alive with revitalized enzymes, vitamins, easier digestibility and dis-ease-fighting antioxidants. Hiiii-yah!

Oh, and they’re delicious, of course. Crispy and crunchy, perfect for salads and juices (recipes to come, I promise).

So what are we waiting for? Let’s get sprouting!! 😀


  • 1 large jar
  • 1 large bowl to catch water
  • cheesecloth
  • rubber band


  • organic mung beans! (Or whatever bean/ seed/ grain you want, but this is a great starter. Just fill a small bottom layer in your jar, they will grow a lot!)
  • 2-5 days worth of patience


Soak beans overnight in filtered water.

Rinse beans and discard any hard ones that float to the top. Fasten cheesecloth over jar opening with elastic band. Flip jar upside down at 45° angle overtop bowl (for air).

Tuck them into a dark corner in your kitchen. Don’t worry, you can visit them lots so they don’t get lonely.

Rinse every few hours, taking care not to disturb the wee ones too much. Sing them a lullaby or two. Watch them grow with child-like fascination.

**Note: They are ready to eat as soon as you see a little tail peek out, but you can grow them however long you want.

Pat yourself on the back. Smile brightly. Crunch away! 😀

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    • Yes! When I started reading about sprouting, a lot of articles made it sound way more complex and time-consuming than it actually is.

      As it turns out, you can do this without any fancy equipment and for super cheap! Have fun! 🙂

  1. Beans are amazing! I love all sorts~~ Fresh; baked; refried, pickled…perfect! Soy milk is pretty rad too… along with soy sauce. Fermented beans are ok…

  2. Love sprouts! I have never tried mung beans – only quinoa. I am so happy you posted this, as it’s a good incentive to get out my mason jars!

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