September 21, 2012 sufey


I wake up every morning and think, how lucky I am to be alive!

How lucky I am for this very breath.

How lucky I am for a mind that thinks, for a body that thrives in such magically complex ways. How lucky I am to bend, to move, to dance, to sing, to laugh, to play.

How lucky I am to be on mama Earth, to bask in sunshine, to splash barefoot in the rain! How lucky I am for fertile lands that sprout foods to nourish my body, for loving communities that grow thoughts to nourish my soul. How lucky I am for stars that sparkle sweetdreams upon us at night.

How lucky I am for human intimacy, for touch- for hopeful, impassioned eyes. How lucky I am to know that I am not alone on this journey. So many have survived before. So many will survive after.

And how lucky I am to fall, and fall, and fall again. To make mistakes. To suffer. How lucky I am to bleed, sweat, toil, cry, for it has only made me stronger today. How lucky I am to struggle, for the greatest happiness is hidden beyond the greatest sorrow.

How lucky I am to be so insignificant, a mere drop of water in an ocean of love. But if I may help quench even a small thirst, how lucky I am to be a comfort in times of need.

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  1. This is heartwarming. Your writing is inspiring, but I love this piece the most. I think I will print this out and read it everyday to remind me. Thank you!

  2. WB

    It is in each and everyone of us the ability to be happy, and the key to our happiness is our ability to appreciate. To see a blade of grass, as if it is a rose, and a rock, as if it is a diamond. To truly live, is to live everyday as if it is your last, because one day, it will be our last. Knowing that our existence is so short-lived, then may we grasp firmly, that we must live are existence.
    (You’ve written wonderful words, and please keep doing so.:)

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