April 1, 2013 sufey

Luck is dedication in disguise.

And dedication…

is opening your heart fully to the experience,
accepting the joys and the pains of your path,
the willingness to fall and fail and fall again,
and the guts to get back up and do it all over.

Failure is part of the universe’s curriculum.
Hurt is a natural human instinct.
Discontent fuels growth.
And rejection is a sign that you’re meant for better things.

So keep your eyes bright,
your intentions pure,
chase after youthful dreams with all your heart
and never let the world harden you.

Be soft, kind, loving, open, aware.

Change yourself, and the world changes around you.



sufey chen

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  1. Sufey, your words are energy pops for the soul.
    And I can drink such power drinks all day long…
    Thank you so much 🙂
    – Pierre

  2. Great title and you are right; we must try our best to never let the world harden us for once we are set it is so hard to melt or bend again.

  3. “If you go with pure intentions, good things will come to you” something a now long time friend told me the first day i met him 13 years ago, it is something i will not forget. Lovely post, thank you

  4. I’d just hit a few massive snags in planning for the future and was tearing out hair trying to get them straightened…this is exactly what I needed! Thanks, Sufey!

  5. I love your writings, so true and pure and refreshing! They always lift me aup and make me feel good! Thank you very much for writing and sharing this with us!

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