December 18, 2012 sufey


Loneliness hits me in big Bed.

He boasts of luxury: a smirk of king, silky threads, full spreads, soft as a cat’s claws paws. Simpering of excess for my small self, I sink in.

How he’d bully my bare blanket back home, I think.

Lights glitter frantically down below, clamoring for attention, screeching like Cindy’s stepsisters, pick me, pick me! I am the brightest, yes, the brightest of them all!

I close the curtains.

Blackness cuts corners, crevices, and Loneliness hits me.

Loneliness, an old, familiar friend. I say friend, for he is too close to be merely acquaintance, too generous to be called enemy.

He hugs me tightly, too tight, I choke, sinking into harsh extravagance. I cry. My cheeks flush rubies and as the floods free… I am free also.

Loneliness, a messenger boy. Sent by the Universe.

To remind me: pleasure comes not with property, but passion ablaze. Luxury is lonely without love. And the greatest joy is humble, unassuming, earnest and simple.

Like the way a child laughs and laughs and laughs at nothing particularly funny. The way it becomes contagious. And how it hurts, and we can’t breathe anymore.

I laugh.

Loneliness leaves, Sleep seeps in.


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  1. Halfway lost between parting my lover and reuniting my family, I lay alone. Sinking into big Bed.
    This never leaves… Except your lover is your husband and your family are your children. Those moments you lay in your bed for me are full of guilt. Guilt I have not got out of bed to help with the morning routine and guilt because I KNOW I did not take enough time for my self…

  2. Dearest Sufey, you are a laser show of light in my world where lonliness lays longer than one dark night of the soul. I let you in to help balance my dark with your light, thank you for doing your job. 🙂

    • *BLUSH* Oh, I am just learning how to write! I need to study hard and fill up my brain before I have something worthy to share on that scale!

      Thank you for your constant kindness, you always make me smile! <3

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