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Green Goodness | Juicing 101

“Let food be thy medicine, and let thy medicine be food.” – Hippocrates

Our bodies are truly magnificent creations.

We are made to survive. We have epic armies fighting battles in our bods to keep us happy and healthy. And these hard-workin’ germ-whoopin’ wellness warriors need our support!

Our greatest responsibility is to keep ourselves bright, inspired and ablaze with life, because our energy affects everyone around us. After all, we can only give to others if we give to ourselves!

So take some time today to check in with yourself: physically, mentally and emotionally. Listen carefully to the signals sent to you by those on the front lines. Dis-ease is a sign of imbalance in the body, and prevention is the best cure!

Nourish your body with nature’s best. Sleep well. Soak up sunshine. Smile!

One ritual that empowers me is starting off every day with thoughts of gratitude, meditation, yoga, hot ginger tea and a fresh green juice (recipe below!).

Personally, I love juicing. It’s a fabulous way to get an abundance of nutrients that we may not consume otherwise, and it makes me feel fresh and clear. I could rave about this forever, but try it for yourself and see how you feel over the course of a few weeks! 😀

Think of this superjuice as the ultimate multivitamin, courtesy of dear mama earth. All you need is a juicer, fresh greens, and an honest heart-to-heart with your inner guru about how you want to live the best life for you.

And regardless of whether you decide to juice or not, just make time to re-connect with your beautiful bodies. That’s the most important thing!

Wishing you health and happiness, from the bottom of my heart to yours. <3



I like to mix and match from:

  • cucumbers
  • celery
  • kale
  • broccoli stems
  • lettuce
  • spinach
  • dandelion greens
  • asparagus
  • cabbage
  • bok choy
  • parsley
  • cilantro
  • ginger
  • small piece fruit if needed (lemon, green apple, pear or cranberries)

Sample combination:

  • 1-2 cucumbers
  • 3-4 stalks kale
  • 2 broccoli stems
  • 1 apple
  • ginger
  • a kick-ass attitude!

**Note: My staple juice is made purely out of green veggies and ginger. But if you don’t typically consume a lot of raw veggies, I recommend starting with a pure cucumber juice or a cucumber/ apple mix (which is deliciously refreshing) and slowly adding darker greens as you go to get used to the taste. You may also want to dilute the juices with filtered water if they are too strong to begin with. Always listen to how your body feels!

Lemons cut bitterness and apples and pears add sweetness to juices. But keep your juices mostly green to prevent sugar overload from sweet fruit juices. Also, as juicing removes the fiber, which concentrates both nutrients and pesticides, be sure to buy organic and rinse well!

For optimal results, consume immediately on an empty stomach. Let’s get started! 😀


Wash fruits and vegetables thoroughly.

Cut thick veggies in half or thirds lengthwise if needed (depending on the size of your juicer’s mouth).

Push all produce through juicer slowly, alternating different types of veggies. To make it easier, push loose leafy vegetables (e.g. spinach) in at the same time as another firmer vegetable (e.g. cucumber).

Drink up delicious vitality, a delicious day! 😀

**Note: Clean the juicer immediately to make it easier for yourself. I push my lemon through last to pre-clean, rinse all the pieces right away, and use dish sponges or old toothbrushes to scrub the filter well!

PS. Thank you to beautiful Éva for inspiring this piece by asking me about juicing. I am certainly not a health expert of any kind, but I am always open to questions and happy to share the little I do know. So feel free to ask me anything, and I’d love to learn from you too!

CHEERS to our healthy, wealthy lives! <3

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  1. This sounds great, and your attitude to life. I totally agree with you! I have not tried green juice butlike to have a go it does sound great and I have heard of it a lot lately. I love my body and I like to treat it well. Thank you Sufey <3

  2. My dearest Sufey,

    Thank you so very much for doing this post on juicing. It is so very helpful to me, and to others who are new to juicing. Your juice looks exactly how I want mine to look.
    I am going to go shopping to buy a long list to start my days with green juices, all of which I will be posting on my blog 🙂

    You are truly an inspiration and a beautiful soul. Anyone who is in your life is blessed to know you.

    With love,


  3. Ali

    Great post! It is so true, we need to look after our body, mind and spirit the best we can! This juice looks so yummy, refreshing and healthy!

  4. This is so refreshing to look at, and encouraging to try out. I am not a fitness freak nor am I into looking good. But being a Type 2 Diabetic, this juice is just the thing to make me energetic and keep healthy.

    Thanks you so much for this beautiful blog.

    • I am so happy to hear that! I’m not a fitness freak or obsessed with looking good either! The most important thing is how we feel! 🙂

      Thank you for your beautiful comment & wishing you the best of luck on your journey!! x

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  6. What juicer do you recommend? I’m looking for one what has a wide enough mouth that I don’t have to cut everything up into bite sized chunks, one I can put dark leafy greens into and one that will juice a lemon with the peel. Easy cleaning is a plus!! I’ve tried some and have not found any I like yet. Thank you!! KA

  7. love this post, and love your green juice suggestions! i’m a newly converted juice addict, and you’re so right about the body’s ability to heal. just beautifully written 🙂

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