“You’ve got to check out Palo Santo.” said all the yogis I met, as soon as I came to Philly.
“They’re a bhakti studio. Your kind of people. You would absolutely love it there.” 

I was first introduced to Rachel and Daniel (the most radiantly beautiful couple) by means of a mutual friend on Instagram. Daniel was the first studio owner I had tea with in Philly, and I instantly dug his vibe. We talked about yoga, our beloveds, our teachers, our journeys, and all the things we were creating in our lives. He spoke so dearly of his sweetheart, Rachel, that I knew I had to meet her soon. They are a shakti couple — a power couple — to the fullest. He runs a truly vibrant yoga studio (with the most amazingly creative bhakti offerings), and she the stunning apothecary next door. As soon as I walk into those doors, I feel their loving energy pulsing through me.

This is why I was extra happy to design this mini line of malas for Palo Santo Wellness Apothecary (to be sold in their gorgeous space at 1707 East Passyunk Ave). The raw kyanite crystals are from their shop (so many of my crystals are from their shop!), and they informed the design of these precious pieces.

Made of kyanite, moonstone, lapis lazuli, sunstone, and labradorite, each mala carries it’s own unique power. I chanted numerous spontaneous mantras while creating these pieces – prayers to the teacher, the child, the lover, the healer, the earth, the moon, the mother. May we see our Divine Self in the faces of All.

⬩ made of kyanite + moonstone + lapis lazuli
⬩ inspires faith, hope and resonant communication
⬩  enhances intuition, clarity of speech, truth and wisdom
⬩ brings gentleness and composure in leadership roles

⬩ made of kyanite + moonstone + sunstone
⬩ attracts a balance of tranquility and vitality
⬩ invites a sunny disposition and childlike optimism

⬩  pairs mama moon’s intuition with father sun’s warmth

⬩ made of kyanite + labradorite + moonstone
⬩ softens the transition in moving between worlds
⬩ open to psychic powers, clairvoyance, synchronicities
⬩ returns one to self-love and radical self-expression

To purchase any of the Palo Santo Line, please visit Palo Santo Wellness Apothecary at 1707 East Passyunk Ave.
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I’ve been obsessed with mama moon since I was a child. She was my sanctuary, my prayer-haven, my confidant, my friend. There was a time in my life (not long ago) when I would walk, alone, barefoot, for miles and miles, down windy roads, in the middle of the night, to bathe in the light of the moon. There was something so honest about the way she shone. She was never afraid of speaking her truth.

Look at me, she would say. You are this too. You are this fullness. You are this light. You, my child, were born to shine. 

Whenever I am alone, I know I have the moon. Whenever I doubt myself, I remember how she shines. Taking what is light and reflecting it through the night. She knows herself intimately. Taking days to rest. Other days to rise. She knows she will wax, and she knows she will wane. That everything will change and nothing stays the same. And yet, she carries on, with elegance and grace, moving forward on her path with a strong and steady pace.

Intentionally crafted with Lapis Lazuli, Labradorite + the Sanskrit symbol of Vishuddha, this mala is a potent call to speak the holy truth. To unblock the throat chakra, with expressive and unfiltered speech. To wander, wide-eyed, into infinite creativity. To sing out the names of Love.


I am the truth that is burning to be said. I am the song that is ready to be heard. I am the poetry of this moment, the dance of the Divine, the music of the moon. I am fearless in my expression. Joyful in my creation. I am liberated. Wild. Ecstatic. Free. I am entirely, unabashedly me.

s a c r e d   s y m b o l s

⬩ revered throughout history as a symbol of wisdom and truth
⬩ an intellectual stone that yearns for knowledge and understanding
⬩ brings success in all forms of expression and communication

 a crystal of magic, intuition and divination
⬩ inspires introspection, contemplation, and clarity of thought
⬩ encourages joy and spontaneity, a lightness in one’s heart

VISHUDDHA (the throat chakra)
 vishuddha, meaning “purification”
⬩ lives at the centre of the throat
⬩ the colour blue, the element sound
⬩ governs creativity, speech, expression

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This mala arrived on a day of spontaneous creativity, joy and action. I was perusing the gemstore, feeling a little bit down on myself. I was having a too much pregnant kind-of-day — a mopey, dopey, dismal day — and I felt an energy blockage in my solar plexus. I didn’t feel like moving or doing anything at all. Maybe I’ll just go home and be lazy, I thought to myself.

But as soon as that thought entered my head, these striking pieces caught my eye. I had passed by this primal naga conch pendant (with exquisite notes of turquoise, red and ivory) for several weeks now, but I had never picked it up before. I moved towards it gingerly and held it in my hand. It had the most beautiful OM symbol etched into it, and I felt the most joyous rush of desire. It was the only one of its kind, and I knew it would challenge me to step out-of-the-box.

You only make malas, my superego chirped up.
Don’t get ahead of yourself.
Put that piece down and go back to the tassles. 

But a rebellious note in me chimed back up that day.

No way! I huffed back. I love this piece — and I know it’ll come to life. 

So I sat myself down and gazed at this piece.
Who do you want to be with? I whispered to her.
Rudraksha. She said back to me. Rudraksha. 

I found the Rudraksha. But I knew this piece was different. It needed another pop. And I stumbled upon a strand of these stunning citrine beads. Tiny and delicate, yet so very powerful. I knew they would be perfect wire-wrapped in gold. Yes.

So I sat myself back down and my hands went to work. I was still in the store with others all around, so I chanted silently in my head. To Lakshmi. To Ganesha. To Surya. To myself. As I blessed each bead, I felt more powerful, more determined, more strong. The vitality flowed back into my body. And I felt this outrageous sort of joy, laughing into my belly. I was so excited to be making this, and I remembered, once again, that there are no mistakes in life. That Spirit is the ultimate trickster. And we are made to make, to give, to laugh.

Sufey Chen Art Mala Jewelry


I am mini. But I am mighty. I am the light of a thousand suns. I am driven. Passionate. Powerful. Successful. Nothing can stop me. Everything feeds me. I welcome failure as fuel for growth. I am the product of hard work, vitality, and righteous action. I stand from a place of love.

s a c r e d   s y m b o l s

⬩ known as “Shiva’s eye”, the all-seeing, all-knowing one
⬩ traditionally used as prayer beads for mantra and meditation
⬩ cocoons you in your own energy, helps to focus and discipline
⬩ carries the energy of mantras chanted as sacred protection

 one of the most powerful manifestation crystals
⬩ transmutes and grounds all negative energies
⬩ attracts happiness, prosperity and success
⬩ sparks creativity, productivity and imagination
⬩ well-loved by artists and successful entrepreneurs

 the infinite sound of all creation
⬩ symbolic of many sacred trios:
the beginning, the middle, the end;
the heaven, the earth, the underworld;
the waking, the dreaming, the dreamless
⬩ that which is beyond that which can be said 

⬩ a spiritual number of divine connection and inner wisdom
⬩ related to life purpose, leadership, benevolence, truth 

⬩ made of 1 and 8, a highly auspicious number in the Chinese tradition
(I would know – my mama used to obsess about our house numbers!)
18 is also the “number of life” in the Hebrew tradition, where gifts
are given in increments of eighteen for the blessings of a long life

⬩ symbolic of the sickle moon, the waxing moon
⬩ the new moon informs birthing and new beginnings
⬩ a perfect time to set fresh intentions for the journey ahead 

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The making of this mala was a very special milestone for me, as it was my first custom order from a friend-to-be. Because we didn’t have a personal history together, I asked her to share her story with me. She sent me a heart-wrenching message that left me in tears — and even more ready to cheer her on. Her words radiated her fierceness, her resilience, and her determination to stand strong. And this mala came through as a reflection of her shakti (divine feminine power), and her ability to re-birth and rise.

She is a mama to the most precious one-year-old boy. A yogi. A nature-lover, too. Her heart is kind and vibrant and free. If we had landed in the same city, I’m sure we would be friends.

I made this mala to support Jamie in her journey, choosing each crystal with intention and care. Moss agate for new beginnings. Banded agate for strength. Chrysocolla for forgiveness. And turquoise for luck. With every bead I strung, I called upon my beloved Kuan Yin, the Divine Mother who knew compassion above all. Om Mani Padme Hum. May all beings find comfort, may all beings know peace. ♥

c r y s t a l   m e a n i n g s

⬩ a stone of birthing and new beginnings
⬩ attracts abundance in wealth, friendships, and love
⬩ strengthens the body in times of illness and hardship
⬩ cleanses the body’s energy system and reduces pain
⬩ cherished by gardeners and nature-lovers, helps plants to grow

 a gentle, slow-but-steady healer that clears the subtle bodies
⬩ works on the root of deeper problems instead of symptoms 
⬩ provides strength, endurance and stamina, physically and emotionally

⬩ a crystal of calm and compassionate communication
 empowers the gentle energy of the Divine Feminine
⬩ releases guilt and heartache, opens the heart to love
⬩ inspires forgiveness, inner peace, and tranquility

⬩ a prized talisman of wisdom, serenity, and luck
⬩ attracts friendliness and kindness in self and others
⬩ dissolves self-sabotage and lifts one’s spirits
⬩ stabilizes and soothes the mind



Strong, diligent, and full of laughter, Vince and I first connected over our mutual love of movement. He taught me how to skateboard through Stanley Park (still my one and only time on the board, lol!) and we swung on bars under the sun. I remember being impressed at his dedication to his new construction business (especially the attention and care he put into his projects) – and we, both entrepreneurs, chatted all about business and life.

I made this mala to enhance a life of prosperity, clear action, and sustainable growth. As soon as I saw these raw tiger’s eye pieces, I knew I hit the jackpot. I found the pyrite centrepiece at a beloved yoga and wellness boutique of mine, and learned how to wire-wrap it that day. The making of this mala grew me in many ways – my first male-centered mala, an experiment in wire-wrapping, a re-affirmation of my investment into this craft. And it always delights me that, as I work with crystals I’ve chosen for others, I can’t help but be impacted myself.

This is the truth of our world. When we pour our heart into service of others, we can’t help but be filled ourselves. What we give to others comes back into our life, tenfold.

I chanted one of the oldest and most revered mantras while making this mala: the Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra, to Lord Shiva. A mantra that liberates us from the illusion of separation; one that binds us to and nourishes us from the Divine. May all beings receive the abundance that comes from clear-seeing. May we all know the power of the Unlimited One – of us, within us, through us.

Om Tryambakam Yajamahe
Sugandhim Pushtivardhanam
Urvarukamiva Bandhanan
Mrityor Mukshiya Maamritat

c r y s t a l   m e a n i n g s

⬩ a masculine stone of action, vitality and will
⬩ symbolic of the sun: stimulates warmth and self-generated wealth
⬩ a protective talisman to deflect negative energies and physical harm
⬩ enhances assertive leadership skills in the home and workplace

⬩ brings a balance of strength and flexibility
⬩ associated with the energies of expansion and growth
⬩ the most yang of all elements, symbolic of the growing phase

 inspires courage, integrity, and the right use of power
 known as a “warrior’s stone” and the “all-seeing eye”
⬩ carried by Roman soldiers to deflect weapons of war 
⬩ brings abundance and the clarity needed to maintain it


When I think of what it means to be “feminine”, the first word I think of is fierce. Because women, over the ages, have endured and risen through the most trying of times. Our bodies are designed to perform miraculous feats. We have the emotional capacity (and relentless desire) to heal ourselves and the world. Our hearts are touched by the suffering of others. More than anything, we care.

When I think of women I the women I most admire, they are the ones that have two feet firmly grounded on the earth, with wings reaching for the heavens above. The women work diligently with passion, devotion, and sobriety. Those that take compassionate action, with a generosity of spirit that comes only from being full within. This is the kind of woman Katie is.

The first mala I made for Katie was a sweet, delicate piece of rose quartz and moonstone – but when she told me the silk snapped upon arrival, a lightbulb went off in my head.

Maybe delicate isn’t what she needs – maybe what she needs is strong. 

They say your mala will break when you don’t need it anymore – it is the end of a cycle of your life. This is the best time to re-evaluate, set new intentions, and welcome in a new one. So as I re-designed a mala for Katie, I knew something else was calling. I struggled at first with what that meant. I experimented with bigger beads, gold frills, the works. But nothing felt quite right…

And then one morning, I woke up, and my hands pulled these gemstones together. Amethyst, jade, golden rutilated quartz. For spiritual sobriety. True seeing of the self. And active manifestation. I didn’t even know it was for Katie at the beginning. My hands just couldn’t stop. But as soon as I strung the last bead on, I felt instantly that it was hers.

The mala still kept its original delicacy, but this time, it was strung on a much sturdier substance. There were extra clasps at the end to keep it all together. And I knew it was the internal re-wiring that was the most important, just as in all matters of the heart.

I chanted to Lakshmi Ma through the making of this mala. She came so naturally, so beautifully. The devoted and beloved feminine, the giver of joy, wealth, and all blessings of the Universe. May all beings everywhere be abundant and free! ♥

Om Namo Lakshmi.
Om Namo Lakshmi. 
Om Namo Lakshmi.
Prema Devi Mata-ji. 

c r y s t a l   m e a n i n g s

⬩ a stone of calm wisdom and spiritual sobriety
⬩ soothing and faithful, one of nature’s best healers
⬩ inspires new creative ways of solving old problems
⬩ revered for its great beauty; the beauty of the highest truth

 a gentle, compassion-centered healer
⬩ aids in dreaming and ritualistic insights
⬩ encourages one to see themselves as they truly are
⬩ calls in friendship, abundance, strength, good luck
⬩ protects against intimidation and authoritative abuse

⬩ a powerful amplifier and manifestation stone
 highly psychic stone, becomes programmed with intentions
⬩ infuses your etheric body with power and divine light


This sunstone mala is made for one who warms every heart she touches. An earth-angel of the highest vibration, Lori came to me a year ago to attend my very last yoga teacher training. She flew all the way from Ireland to Canada (and lived in my home for 10 weeks!) to devote to the practice of Yoga — and that was the very beginning of our exquisitely beautiful friendship.

Generous, radiant and kind, people bloom in Lori’s presence. It’s no surprise that she’s evolved into a well-loved teacher, a beaming source of wisdom and light. She’s at the very beginning of her journey, and yet she’s overcome so much already. I made this mala to remind her of the sun, of the days that will come after every dark night.

I woke up this morning at 4 AM with a burning desire to create. This came pouring out me during my morning sadhana, amidst chants to Lakshmi Ma. The goddess of beauty, prosperity, abundance and love – of the outer worlds and the inner heart – arrived, and her shakti rose passionately through me.

When I finished, the first rays of sun started to creep into the sky, and I carried Lori’s mala out to our deck. I sat with delight to watch the sun rise and meditated with mala in hand. The sky turned a rich blue, with the most angelic of clouds, and a deep peace settled into my heart. The entire world felt entirely beautiful. And everything, in this moment, was right.

c r y s t a l   m e a n i n g s

⬩ inspires self-nurturance to nurture others
⬩ radiates vitality, generosity, joy and warmth
⬩ empowers the self and removes co-dependancy
⬩ sunscreen for the spirit – wards off all negativity
⬩ a beacon for childlike peace and play!

a deep emotional healer
⬩ releases self-destructive tendancies
⬩ balances the soul after grief, loss, or illness
⬩ increases sensitivity to sound and music

 known as “the stone of hope”
⬩ brings peace, tranquility, and faithful love
⬩ encourages the gentle resolution of painful memories
⬩ calls on the guidance of angelic powers


This sacred mala holds a collection of the first gemstone beads I originally chose for myself – jade, malachite, and a stunning chrysoprase pendant (pictures do it no justice!). This pendant is one I’ve worn on my own heart for the past month, but when my dear Lauren asked me for a mala, I knew that it was meant for her.

Lauren took her 200-hour yoga teacher training with me in 2016, and prenatal yoga classes at the beginning of 2017. Little did I know that they would be the last classes I taught in Prince George — or that I would soon be following her journey into motherhood!

Lauren is the kind of mama (and human) I aspire to be like. Soft-hearted, introspective, and inherently wise. I remember seeing her and her beloved at an outdoor summer festival we held the year before. I remember seeing how gentle they were with each other, how tender, how kind. That’s the kind of love I want, I thought to myself.

I have to be honest: I strung this mala on game night with my beloved – to laughter and light-heartedness while playing Monopoly! I felt it was perfect though, for a budding family. To infuse this mala with the energy of play. May all beings everywhere be joyful and free! ♥

c r y s t a l   m e a n i n g s

⬩ a tranquil stone of wisdom
⬩ supports happiness and harmony in family
⬩ releases guilt and self-imposed limitations
⬩ inspires love, trust and fidelity

known as the “stone of transformation”
⬩ draws out deep emotional blocks to be cleared
⬩ protects from negative energies and pollutants
⬩ encourages expression and empathy

 a deeply heart-healing crystal
⬩ brings a light, joyous energy to all situations
⬩ promotes happiness, self-acceptance and forgiveness
⬩ the sacred stone of Aphrodite, Greek goddess of love and beauty


I met Emmy when I was eleven or twelve, at my first debate provincials. We were both fiery little creatures, intensely competitive, full of vibrancy and spirit. I remember watching her speak and admiring her eloquence, her passion, her intellect, her charm. She was so damn alive and I loved that.

Fast forward many years – we had both converted into yoga teachers, had our hearts a few times broken, gone into the darkness a good many times, and crawled back out into the light. She came to one of my yoga retreats in Costa Rica, and held me like a baby in the water. This girl knew exactly how to mend my heart.

Fast forward more years – we would call each other to cry, and end up laughing till our tummies hurt. She always knew exactly what to say to me. We were honest as heck and devoted to spiritual inquiry. What is real here? 

On our last phone call, these exact beads found their way into my hands. I played with them for over an hour without even realizing it! At the very end of our conversation, to my surprise, she ordered a mala, and I laughed because it had already designed itself!

This mala is clearly for you, I smiled. And it took me till today to bead it together, but the arrangement had come on its own. Tiger’s eye and yellow jade to balance the yin and yang. 2 parts feminine, 1 part masculine. Black tourmaline for protection. And a just a hint of onyx to remind us of the darkness – and how far we’ve come into the light.

I chanted to Durga Ma throughout the making of this mala, to honour the fierce and feminine. The goddess that so embodies all that Emmy is. May all be fearless, may all be free! ♥

c r y s t a l   m e a n i n g s

⬩ all-seeing, all-knowing eye
⬩ encourages right use of power

⬩ a call to action, strengthens the will
⬩ brings abundance, balance and insights

attracts fortune, friendship, and loyalty 
⬩ restores and cleanses the digestive system
⬩ inspires a sense of joy and lightness

  revered by shamans for protection
 dispels negative energies and EMF radition
⬩ grounds scattered energies back into the earth

⬩ heals on all planes: physical, emotional, mental, spiritual

 aids a recognition of what needs to be released
⬩  reduces uncontrollable sexual impulses
⬩  encourages wise decisions


There is a certain kind of beauty that is seen only in the eyes of one who has suffered. Never mind the light getting in – no, the breaking of the heart is for one’s light to shine out; to be shared, to be seen. Grief is a rite of passage that sows the seeds of grace, compassion, and radical self-acceptance. And the most powerful healers are those who have walked the journey themselves – courageously into the darkness, and out the other side.

I met Kara as she was moving through a major transition in her own life. She started coming to my yoga classes, and, knowing pieces of her story, I was humbled by her courageous acts of self-care. She had a smile that radiated sunshine, a gentle heart, and a strong, resilient spirit. She reminded me of the lessons of the oyster: to turn all that disturbs you into that which is most beautiful. This is the wisdom of the pearl.

These lepidolite beads spoke to me as I browsed through an extensive gallery of gemstones. They stood out in the way they were not-quite-uniform, in the way they sparkled, in the way they owned their casual, imperfect magnificence. I held them in my hands and asked them to lead me to their final piece. Moments later, I saw the perfect stone: a banded agate, with threads of indigo and deep blue. She was full of character and rich in history, with the layers and cracklings of one who has lived.

As I beaded this, I sat silently in meditation, without any fancy mantras in mind. The hum of AUM rang through my body and I prayed for a universal peace. May all be loved. May all be light. May all be at ease. ♥

c r y s t a l   m e a n i n g s

⬩  soothing and spiritual
⬩ awakens sahasrara (crown chakra)

⬩ guides transition and transformation
⬩ re-organizes one’s thought patterns 
⬩ releases emotional and mental dependancy
⬩ attracts synchronicity and positive coincidences

calms and balances the thoughts of the mind
⬩ brings clarity, protection and abundance
⬩ heightens intuition and imagination

  grounding and stabilizing
 gentle healing over time, works on subtle bodies
⬩ works on the roots of an issue instead of the symptoms
⬩ overcomes past anger and opens the heart to love
⬩ a powerful facilitator of radical self-acceptance
 gives the courage to start again

Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu
May all beings everywhere be happy and free,
May the thoughts, words and actions of my own life
Contribute in some way to that happiness and to that freedom for all

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