November 30, 2012 sufey

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Holy avocados!

I’ve been blogging with gusto for about two months now, and wow, what an exciting adventure. This incredibly beautiful blogger community has re-affirmed my belief that loving, inspiring, crazy-awesome people exist everywhere!

I feel like I’ve stumbled into a magical new virtual world a-sparkle with treasures. I’ve giggled, cried, gasped, empathized, drooled, aweeeeee-d, and sang along with your stories.

What wonderful, wonderful stories.

So even though I’m not usually one for games, I do believe in saying thank you. I thereby extend a grateful gracias to Spiritual World TravellerUtesmileSilkannthreades, Vini Cooks VegThe Eclectic Eccentric ShopaholicSown in Peace and 1901 Skinny Love for the mention in their well-deserved blog awards, to Healthy Glow NutritionLovely Seasons Come and Go and Butterflies and Bunny Rabbits for the re-blogs, and a big hug to all of you for reading and leaving such thoughtful comments!

Because I have a hard time picking favourites, I’m just going to nominate all of you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award, the Liebster Award, the Sunshine Award and the Beautiful Blogger Award (I am working on a more comprehensive “Blogs I Love” page though, stay tuned)! I appreciate each and every one of you for spicing up my life with your delicious flavours. Thank you!

I’m also excited to start sharing fabulously written guest posts (like my dear friend Deidra’s thoughts from last night!). I love looking at the world through new eyes. So if you’re interested in publishing your creative masterpieces here, feel free to e-mail your articles and biography to

Lastly, I made you a little photo story of my life instead of the written “things about me” as per the blog award rules. Cause I felt like being a rebel. 😉

Sending kisses, as always.

<3 Sufey


This is me as a baby.

This is me now.


This is what I think my life is.

But in reality it’s a lot more like this.

And sometimes this.

I fall a lot.

And this tattoo isn’t real.

But this bliss is.

I’m obsessed with green juices.

And climbing things.

Lots of things.

Like, seriously. Obsessed.

I take too many pictures.

My kitchen’s a mess.

And I get my yoga on everywhere.

I like to go places.

And see things.


And make music.


And be upside down.

But I also like to stay in and read a good book.

I worship my brothers.

(They’re superstars.)

And my students, who continuously inspire me to learn.

And all the insanely awesome friends I’ve made along this journey.

Sometimes I’m sad.

And sometimes I’m angry. 😉

And I’m always hungry.

But mostly life is pretty good.

So I give thanks every day.


And pray that I may bring a smile to those who look my way.


Namaste. <3

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  1. What a special star you are my dear friend Sufey! You are what I inspire to be..that is truly happy! You can see from your pictures and writing that you love life…the good the bad and everything in between. Your zest for life is so inspiring and thank you for coming into my world and opening my eyes. Thank you for the kind mention of my blog in your post, I am honored.
    xo Éva <3

    • Éva, I can’t say enough how much I appreciate you! You are one of the kindest souls I’ve ever had the pleasure of talking to, and I am so grateful for your beautiful presence in my life! I am overjoyed, to say the least, that blogging has led me to find you! Thank you! <3

  2. Wow what wonderful pictures to start with, it is lovely to get to know you better! You are a beautiful person inside and outside, Sufey.
    Secondly thank you so very much for including me for the mentioned awards. For me blogging has opened my eyes and I have learnt more than ever before, made friends and see the warmth and kindness all over the world. It has been an adventure for me too and as that an adventure I never thought would be so inspiring and enriching my life. Thank you very much again and have a big hug Sufey,
    With warmth from Ute x

    • You are too, dear Ute! You certainly deserve a big thank you for the joy you bring to everyone’s life! And I completely agree- blogging really has been an incredibly eye-opening journey across the world! BIG HUGS right back!! xox

  3. Reblogged this on Lumen Hiatus and commented:
    There is a lot ‘written’ about happiness. We seldom get to see the personification or sheer embodiment. I’d like to share with you a young blogger who’s enthusiasm for life fairly jumps off the screen. I can’t help but be infused and delightfully infected with her exuberance. Thank you indeed Sufey!!!!!

  4. You are too adorable for words, so I’m glad you take too many pictures. You take all the fun out of being a jaded, world-weary pessimist 🙂 Thanks for…. being you. I enjoy ! (Love your photos !!!)

  5. Ali

    Love your life by photos! Photos tell a 1000 words…so true. I love telling bits of my life by photos. 🙂

  6. A wonderful photo journey. Thank you. I love Shel Siverstein and the Missing Piece. Have you checked out his web site for children?
    Nice back bend. Thanks for sharing.

    • His website is so cute, thanks for mentioning it! 😀 I love childrens books and read them more than grown up books LOL! I appreciate your kind comment, thanks for taking the time to read! xx

  7. Sufey, thank you so much for following my blog – and from what I have read you are a truly inspiring individual – thanks for sharing your energy and warmth. Warm wishes from simple cherishes.

  8. This is my first exposure to your blog and what a fitting post to start the introductions. Congratulations on what you have accomplished thus far and best wishes for your future endeavors.

  9. What a great post. I love how you illustrated your thoughts and feelings with photographs. Congratulations on your 2 months of blogging, and thanks for visiting my blog!

  10. Wow what an amazing person you are! I love your smile and your energy, you just cheer up anyone, anywhere you appear! You light up my day for sure 🙂
    Thank you so much too for following my blog “Move Toward Freedom”, and I wish you Love and Light, Peace and Harmony, All Ways, Always ~*♥*~

  11. Wow, beautiful post! Love your guitar and your fake tattoo, even if it’s fake 😉
    Definitely looking forward to following your future blog posts. Keep up the amazing work xo

    • Thank you beautiful girl! It’s actually my friend’s guitar (hehe one day I’ll get my own), I just love messing around with music-making instruments!

      Thanks so much for coming by! I’m totally loving your Asian cuisine posts too, it reminds me of home! xo

  12. Great post Sufey,
    It’s really good to see someone ‘promoting’ others. 🙂
    Lol! love your baby photo…you haven’t changed. that much. 😉
    You’re happiness and enthusiasm for life will help to keep you young.
    If I don’t see you round at mine…until the next time.
    Have a great week.

  13. Awesome story by photos! I’m still quite fond of Shel Silverstein too. We have read him over and over when my daughter was growing up. Had to look up where Haskayne School of Biz is. I learned something new!

  14. I’ve fallen in love with your blog just from this one post! Terrific photos, lots of fun and I feel like I know you a bit already. Loved it and will look forward to more. Thanks for taking a look at my blog too Sufey – it’s great to meet you!

    • And I with you and yours, kind sir! 😀

      I love that you teach in Bangladesh!! Teaching overseas has blown open my naive mind and taught me so much about the world! I am super excited to read all about your adventures! x

  15. ha ha great post and photo story! I bow down to your blogging prowess – only a few months and so many followers?? I’m still trying to convince my Mum to read mine! Well done!

    • LOL!! It’s a mystery to me too! I started blogging mostly so my mama would know that I’m still alive. And I bow down to you, adventure queen! Your travels look absolutely spectacular! <3

  16. You had me at “Holy Avocados!!” 🙂 You ARE Joy, Love, Light, and Creation!!! Keep BEing all you are…and watch the magic unfold!!! Thank you for sharing your Light!!!!

    • Haha yay!!! I’m in love with avocados. And you now. 😀

      Who you think I am is merely a reflection of who you are, so THANK YOU for being such a bright, beautiful soul!! I believe in your light!!!

  17. Hi Ms. Sufey, what a delightfully cheery place in the sun you have here. It makes me smile just opening the pages. Can you sprinkle some of that dust over here? Keep up your great work! (I’m watching you, er, following you now) 🙂

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  19. Hi Sufey- Thanks so much for recently following my blog, I appreciate the support! You’ve got a fun site here, I enjoy the photos and obvious enthusiasm. So much so, I’m going to start following yours, as well : )

  20. Hi Sufey! Awesome photo-inspired introduction of yourself in this post 🙂
    Keep up the great love for life and your passions!

    And thanks so much for subscribing to my blog. I hope you will leave a 10-word-or-less description of your blog on my page dedicated to my readers so ppl can know what your blog is about:

    Thanks! 🙂
    – Janice

  21. Hi Sufey,
    What a great introduction and what a talent you are! So much passion in your life is inspiring to see. Keep doing what you’re doing!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Great to see you there and I hope to be back to visit you again.

  22. Hi there and i want to thank you for following my blog means allot especially from someone as gorgeous as you and all the way from New Mexico (hope i got that wright). Love your pictures and your Blog, hope to chat soon.. All the way from Dover Kent England… xxx

  23. mj

    Little girl in love with the big world: AWESOME! I always knew little girls are capable of BIG BIG things… and you proved me RIGHT! You have the greatest blog here and you spill the sweetest charm and joy. Thanks for the follow… I’m following you right back. I need to be continuously infected by your happiness. So, little girl, have a BIG YEAR ahead…. we’ll see each other more often… smiles, joys and affection! 🙂

    • I adore you! Your writing is magnificent, but not only that, YOU are magnificent!! Thank you for gracing me with your gorgeous spirit and for being the kind of kind I aspire to be.

      I am so grateful to read your post, it has truly brought light to my day! Hope to see you LOTS more in the beautiful year ahead!! Thank you for your presence!! <3

  24. Sufey,
    We are starting a project in 2013 called Bloggers for Peace, and we could use your energy and spirit.
    We are a group of bloggers that have committed to post at least one post a month for/about/on peace. We are trying to change the world one post at a time, especially after the recent tragedy in Newtown.
    We hope that you will join us.
    Namaste, Kozo

  25. I discovered ‘blogging’ a year ago and it is a magical place. Another world, where all is accepted and acceptance is bliss.
    Thank you for follwoing my blog I look forward to reading through all of your posts.


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