February 26, 2013 sufey

Blog Gratitude II & Yoga for YOU

Wowza!What an incredible flavour-burstin’ kinda year so far!!

Life has been absolutely insane (in that head-spinnin’, beauty-chasin’, abundance-flowin’ way), but I’m HERE and alive with exciting new projects on the go!

First off, a very grateful (and way overdue) thank you for the blog awards from Ute Smile, Second Half Woman, Our Life in 3D, Lilly Sue’s Bites and Brews, Fictional Machines and Sustainably Single Parenting. Check out these delightful sites yo!

Second, I’m going to talk ’bout myself today- hope that’s okay!

As you might know, I’m a little yoga addict on a perpetual yoga high. Teaching joy is my life and passion. And in spirit of following heart, facing fears, and a hot hot desire to spread this bliss, I’m dying to ask- what can I do for YOU?

Are you interested in yoga? What would you like to learn?


I’ve been absolutely thrilled by the interest and commitment to health ‘n’ happiness in my community, and I would love to share this love with YOU too!

As a private online teacher, you can do yoga with me whenever you want! Email me first at smile@sufey.org  so we can customize an epic class together.

And if you enjoy all this lovin’ energy, please spread the love by rebloggin’, Facebookin’ (art page), Facebookin’ la deux, Twitterin’ or subscribin’ to my e-newsletter for updates on retreats, classes & yoginspiration!


Last but not least, SHARE your health goals in the comments below!

I’ll start whippin’ up yoga vids made with love as soon as school’s out- let me know what you want!

Cheers to radiant, sparkle-filled, dream lives for us all! XO <3

~ Sufey

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      • I love that you have that kind of faith in my flexible abilities. lol I am sooo not flexible! But, at least I am healthy and exercise regularly.
        If I lived by you I would have hunted you down to make me like you!!
        🙂 lol Hugs Paula xxx

        • It’s funny how people always tell me they can’t do yoga because they’re not flexible- but flexibility is a product of regular practice, not a prerequisite!! 😛

          Whereabouts are you from? Hehe I’m going to be travelling for workshops quite a bit this summer- I’ll let you know if I come close! 😀

          • Ohhh! I come from the land of down under!! Perth, Western Australia! Your right quit before I even got started! LMAO
            Have a great weekend and I’ll catch you next week! Hugs Paula xxx

  1. What an energetic, love filled happy post. You are so radiant and shine everywhere. I have attended 2 yoga classes and I loved it, I will continue with it as my body felt great afterwards and so did my mind. Yoga is really as fantastic as everyone says and I was always sceptical, silly me. So I will continue and also started meditating….. love it all! Thank you Sufey! With love and hugs Ute

    • YAY!! I’m so happy to hear that you’re doing yoga! Morning meditations definitely keep me on track! Both are every bit as blissful as people say, hehe!

      Would posting online yoga and meditation videos be helpful? I’m trying to gage the interest level and what people might like to do before creating them! 😀

      • Sufey that would be tremendously helpful, certainly for me. I need hel p with meditation and can only do it with musical help, I did find a good “youtube ” help. I would gladly see what you have to help me. As yoga is concerned I am sure it would help me too and I could do some at home and not always go out for it.I have tried some poses already at home, as some are fantastic for my back, I find. I would love to see anything from you! Love and joy Ute x

  2. Jet

    What a wonderful post! My goals are to get stronger through yoga. Mentally, physically, and emotionally. I want to be more patient, more centered, more peaceful. I want to better enjoy life and I know that it’ll be possible if I increase my strength in every facet of my life 🙂

  3. Hi Sufey I’m just dropping in to say hello and to send all my love and best wishes. Hope you’re OK and everything is going to plan for you, here’s a big hug coming your way, regards James x 🙂

  4. First I am so please life has been mega busy and abundantly blessed with great things happening in your life.. Yoga is excellent… And although I do not do Yoga I do Qi Gong exercises- and have found it to be also very beneficial.. Good Luck in all you are doing Sufey 🙂

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