Call of the Wild Geese

Streaks of pink and gold weave into the darkness of the early-morning sky. I am alone, absorbed in prayer, squatting atop the kelp-strewn rocks of English Bay. The calls of wild geese pierce through the air. A family swims by, twenty-two in total, in one perfectly straight line. The tide sweeps into shore stronger and faster as they come closer and closer. In one fell swoop, they cry out and rise up, in perfect harmony, disappearing effortlessly into the sky. I am captivated by the simplicity and magnificence of it all…

English Bay Vancouver Sunset Beach

When we are in alignment with spirit, working together with our brothers and sisters, humbly focused on one conscious intention, life can be very simple and very beautiful. We are often inundated with stories of pain and suffering, drama and trauma, stress and distress, sin and guilt — so much so that we start to believe that this is the only way to be. In a society of constant stimulation, overwhelming amounts of options and a subconscious projection of “not enough”, it is easy to become addicted to excess. It is easy to buy into ego-driven thoughts of separation, competition, unworthiness and lack, which ultimately lead to a perpetuation of the suffering we see both internally and in the external world.

Yet in a time of deep confusion, mixed messages and avidya (ignorance or delusion), our work is to cultivate dialogue on what is possible and devote ourselves to living the teachings of Yoga. We are meant to live in a peaceful and joyous state. This may not be the commonly accepted state of being (yet), but it is completely accessible to us all, at all times. We do this through conscious intention, softening our judgments, cultivating a witness mind, seeing each other as ourselves, and reminding all around us of who we truly are: pure, unchanging, eternal Love.

As we awaken a deep peace within ourselves, the world around us will soften. As we free others from our mistaken way of seeing them as wrong, we free ourselves from the illusion of sin. As we choose to see each moment as a holy opportunity for healing, we slowly re-program the operating system of the world— may it be be fuelled by kindness rather than fear. What we acknowledge in others is what we acknowledge in ourselves. What we extend to others, we strengthen.

On Love

Love, in its true form, knows no suffering.
Love is peaceful, patient, gentle and kind.
Love is infinite and all-encompassing.
Love gives and receives simultaneously.
Love is strengthened through its sharing.
Love expects nothing in return.
Love is not interested in guilt, shame or blame.
Love tells no stories and holds no grievances.
Love cannot feel pain.
Love knows not what sin is.
Love sees no lack and no need to change.
Love feels no fear and makes no distinctions.
Love sees All as One and One as All.
Love is complete.
Love is. 

On Healing

You will know that you are on your path when people come to you and ask for healing. It is not that they have not asked before, nor that anything about you has fundamentally changed. It is simply that you have opened your eyes to seeing and opened your ears to listening. As you humbly listen to the suffering of another, you will realize that their suffering is the same as your own. As you offer your healing presence to another, you will realize that the only one you are healing is yourself. As you see only Love in the eyes of another, you acknowledge the one true reality within yourself. As you extend this knowing to another, you are simultaneously strengthened and freed.

Sufey Yoga

Behold You

My child do you know
The Truth of who you are
In your eyes I see only Love
Behold you your beauty
Behold you your peace
Behold you the courage of your gentle release
Behold you your being
Behold you your truth
Behold you the infinite Divine that is you

On Relating

A relationship is based on our ability to relate. Relating can only happen in the present moment. To be in the present is to release all past perceptions and future projections. Listen closely. What is happening now?

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She Is Perfect Exactly As She Is

Last night in my kids class, there was one little girl who opted to sit and draw pictures instead of practicing poses with us, calling to us every few minutes, “come see what I drew! come see!”

She was a sweet little free-spirit, joining us at times, hopping away at others. She did her own thing. Drawing pictures. Which was perfectly okay.

Her bubbly laughter and enthusiasm for life charmed me, and I smiled at her — letting her have her own space, her own practice, which for now was clearly nourishing her creativity. At the end of the class, we all gathered around to acknowledge her, ooo-ing and ahh-ing at her pictures.

At the end of her proud little presentation, she flipped to this picture and said — “and look! I drew you! you know, you’re the funnest teacher I ever had. all my other teachers just tell me ‘don’t do this! don’t do that!’ … but you don’t do that. you’re really nice and funny.”

And this struck a chord in my heart, because all of a sudden I realized this little girl was me. Just a sweet little soul wishing to be seen, supported and loved, exactly as she is.

And this stuck with me, because when I was going through school, I was always told not to do this and not to do that. It started with the little things (like drawing pictures and doodling and not sitting still and laughing during gym class) and gradually spiralled into bigger things. I was told that I was a bad kid and was always sent to the hallway, detention or principal’s office. I was shamed and suspended and sent home and separated from the other kids. When in reality, I was just overflowing energy and wild curiosity with a fierce and bold independence.

But instead of being honoured, I was segregated, punished, and told that I was always wrong, that I needed to sit down and shut up, to suppress myself and follow orders — or else. And instead of blossoming, I retracted — I became super rebellious, I trash-talked the teachers, I fought with the students, I reacted defensively, I made life hard for everyone around me, because I didn’t feel fairly treated. I was resentful and selfish and angry.

And it wasn’t until I found Yoga and the sense of acceptance and safety it gave me that I began to soften again. To hold gently my heart, to coax out my inner childlike joy from her long and fearful hiding.

And I am writing this because it is so important, as teachers and conscious beings, to recognize and remember this truth: every single action is either Love or a calling for Love.

And every single moment is an opportunity for complete acceptance, complete forgiveness, complete freedom, and complete peace.

And as we acknowledge and see the beauty, the brightness, the sweetness and perfection in our brothers and our sisters and our children, we set alive their holy spirit, their true and highest self. We inspire in them the freedom to be happy, holy and whole.

And as we release the bondages of judgement we chain others to, we release ourselves from the same. As we free those around us, we set ourselves free.

And when everyone is free, everyone is kind — and we begin to move into this space of deeply honouring each other, of wishing only peace for those around us. We are less interested in hurting each other and more interested in living compassionately and harmoniously and happily with all beings.

There is less pain. Less punishment. Less needless suffering.
More understanding. More sweetness. More laughter. More joy.

And so, in every moment, no matter how small, may we all remember to honour each and every holy being exactly as they are. It starts from the tiniest seeds of willingness, and as we shower them with our loving awareness, our baby sprouts of peace will grow and blossom and shine brightly out into the entire world.

Loving you. xx

Sufey Kids Yoga

To Be Fully Alive

“To be fully alive,
fully human, and
completely awake
is to be continually
thrown out of the nest.

To live fully is to be always in no-man’s-land,
to experience each moment
as completely new and fresh.

To live is to be willing to die over and over again.”

― Pema Chödrön


Sufey Chen

Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu
May all beings everywhere be happy and free,
May the thoughts, words and actions of my own life
Contribute in some way to that happiness and to that freedom for all

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