Streaks of sun entangle in yawning winds and they float down together. I perch soft on great slabs of cracked ivory and cracks in my heart start to heal.

Only sky above, only rock below. I see the whole world, it seems.

I am alone but no longer lonely. Earth grounds me, wind cleanses me, and a small bee buzzes around my shoulder like a guardian angel. I blow him a kiss.

Silver turns to ash as sun falls and moon rises. She is beautiful despite her shadows and creases, or perhaps more so because of them. I move this musing into memory and let it leave the here now.

Thoughts float in and out of mind, distant, comfortably blurred, and I let them be. Be here. Here now. I am here, now.

I am here, now.


6 thoughts on “Here

  1. Love your writing style and the visual imagery you create through your strings of words. Keep up the good work! Thank you for the inspiration!

Big hugs for reading! Thank you for your love. <3

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