Chikum Interview : Sufey

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Please meet travelling Yogini and Wonder Woman, Sufey!

Chikum: Hi Sufey, first of all you look amazing! Where are you in the world right now?
Sufey: Namaste, beautiful goddess! Thank you for your kind words. heartI’m on an exchange scholarship at New Mexico State University for my 4th year of biomedical studies, so I’ve been playing in the lovely desert city of Las Cruces, USA.

C: Where was your teacher training and what type of yoga do you teach?
S: I was trained in Hatha Yoga on mama Maui, but we explored everything from Pranayama to Kundalini to Flying to Nada Yoga and more! My personal style is love-inspired (because that’s what keeps me going!) and always comes from the heart. My flows are earthy, connective, and opening, a happy marriage between freedom of self-expression and structural support. I aim to create a nourishing space of positive growth and reflection, self-love…

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